IP CCTV is easy to use, saves costs, improves efficiency and resilience

June 30, 2009

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Is an IP CCTV system easy to use?

June 26, 2009

IP surveillance systems are easy to use. Users benefit from fast access to control cameras, monitor live video and review archive recordings from anywhere in the world. Little training is required because the systems are so easy to use.

In addition, through the use of open protocol video management systems IP CCTV now has the ability to integrate with other applications such as access control and building management systems to provide unified control through one simple console.

A college has an IP CCTV system that monitors their campus and the The IT Manager says that

The IP CCTV system is flexible, easy to use and delivers exceptional image quality. With the necessary permissions CCTV can be monitored from multiple locations both on and off campus. The system can also easily be extended by adding new cameras…..”

By adopting IP CCTV everyone will benefit from banishing low quality, slow and unresponsive video for good, allowing high quality, fast and intelligent video solutions.

Whereas traditional CCTV video only told you half the story, IP CCTV can now put you firmly in the picture, improving safety and security, cutting costs and improving operations.

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How much does a 750 camera IP CCTV system cost?

June 25, 2009

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IP CCTV can deliver huge benefits over analogue systems

June 24, 2009

Here are some reasons why….

Improved video quality
IP CCTV solutions support far greater image quality through Megapixel and High Density (HD) technologies that deliver higher frame rates. This enables CCTV to be of high enough quality to clearly capture an incident in progress and therefore identify the persons involved and if necessary bring in law enforcement agencies in order to prosecute with confidence.

Future Proofing
By deploying an IP CCTV solution future proofing can be achieved by enabling integration and support for new technologies and applications such as H.264, HD, Megapixel cameras, proximity access control and identification, Video Analytics, Facial Recognition and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). Integration with these technologies enables CCTV to be extended to provide an additional level of security for traffic monitoring, parking, and access control applications.

Linking CCTV with Access Control technology can deliver real benefits. For example in a school a single card could be used for students and staff for access to secure areas, library card identification, time and attendance records and cashless vending. CCTV images can be linked to Access Control records so that in the event of crimes such as vandalism, pilfering or identity theft rather than simply having a database you have a visual image to quickly identify if the access records are correct and also avoid any rebuttal from potential suspects.

Secure access remote access enables an IP based solution to be monitored from anywhere not just in a central control room. Using the integrated intelligence of IP based solutions automated audio response and alarm escalation out of hours can also be achieved as well as incorporation of help points and streaming video to mobile phones.

Cost savings
• IP based surveillance typically has a lower total cost of ownership than traditional CCTV due to the application of recent technological advances.

• CAT 5 structured cabling reduces installation costs.

• Taking advantage of PoE technology means fewer cables need to be run to cameras than traditional cabling and resilience can be increased through the use of Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS).

• Latest recording compression standards such as H.264 also provide a saving of up to 75% capacity over traditional analogue solutions whilst maintaining high quality video recordings.

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High quality CCTV monitoring from Mobile Phones

June 23, 2009

View Live high quality  CCTV video with full PTZ camera control and alarm alerts on your mobile phone via wireless and 3G technology

Users such as security and emergency services personnel are able to benefit from comprehensive access to high quality real time video while on the move.

This powerful add-on module for the Cware management platform provides mobile users with the same functionality as control room operators enabling personnel on the ground to have access to detailed video information that increases the likelihood of identification and apprehension of suspects.

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Grand Prix CCTV Security from Controlware

June 21, 2009

Advanced Cware management software helps protect Grand Prix

An IP CCTV solution based around the advanced Cware management platform helps to improve security for the public, stadium staff, and racing teams at the Bahrain International Circuit, home to the recent Bahrain Grand Prix. To find out more about the solution please click here.

What is the difference between traditional CCTV and IP CCTV?

June 19, 2009

A traditional analogue system is a CCTV solution that operates over a closed network. Analogue CCTV provides poor quality video, is expensive to maintain and extend while offering limited integration with external systems.

IP based surveillance on the other hand runs as an application over your existing IT infrastructure. This enables IP CCTV to be more cost-effective and flexible. Support for integration with external systems such as access control and building management enables IP CCTV to help provide the basis for a more unified approach to security operations.

Controlware has nearly 30 years communications and IP networked video experience as a leading Value Added Distributor. We have more than 550 global employees and close working partnerships with market leading video manufacturers. We specialise in providing independent, best value IP CCTV solutions that deliver tangible benefits to public and private organisations across the world. For more information click here.