Controlware lead the way with advanced CCTV management

Controlware’s advanced Cware management platform enables users to control their CCTV environment like never before.

Cware is an advanced management platform that is user-friendly and provides exceptional live viewing, recording and video playback. Since Cware is an open platform different manufacturer cameras and external systems such as video analytics, access control, building management, fire and intruder systems can be integrated to provide a unified approach to security operations.

Cware boasts a number of advanced tools that help operators manage large amounts of video data. These tools are unique to Cware and must be seen to be believed because they enable operators to navigate and control video better than ever before.

Image Content Navigation (ICN) is a tool designed especially to make operator navigation faster and easier when tracking targets. To track a target with ICN operators simply need to click on screen to switch cameras. This makes tracking targets easier and faster removing the need to switch camera by manually inputting camera id numbers.

Cware 2.5D advanced mapping technology enables a virtual duplicate to be made of the monitored location. Map based navigation in 2.5D with support of zoom in/out is more effective than traditional one-dimensional maps. Real-time video from individual cameras can be embedded into the map allowing operators to benefit from improved locational awareness, easier identification of security threats and planning of security networks and camera locations.

To find out more about Cware click here.

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