What is the difference between traditional CCTV and IP CCTV?

A traditional analogue system is a CCTV solution that operates over a closed network. Analogue CCTV provides poor quality video, is expensive to maintain and extend while offering limited integration with external systems.

IP based surveillance on the other hand runs as an application over your existing IT infrastructure. This enables IP CCTV to be more cost-effective and flexible. Support for integration with external systems such as access control and building management enables IP CCTV to help provide the basis for a more unified approach to security operations.

Controlware has nearly 30 years communications and IP networked video experience as a leading Value Added Distributor. We have more than 550 global employees and close working partnerships with market leading video manufacturers. We specialise in providing independent, best value IP CCTV solutions that deliver tangible benefits to public and private organisations across the world. For more information click here.


One Response to What is the difference between traditional CCTV and IP CCTV?

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