Is an IP CCTV system easy to use?

IP surveillance systems are easy to use. Users benefit from fast access to control cameras, monitor live video and review archive recordings from anywhere in the world. Little training is required because the systems are so easy to use.

In addition, through the use of open protocol video management systems IP CCTV now has the ability to integrate with other applications such as access control and building management systems to provide unified control through one simple console.

A college has an IP CCTV system that monitors their campus and the The IT Manager says that

The IP CCTV system is flexible, easy to use and delivers exceptional image quality. With the necessary permissions CCTV can be monitored from multiple locations both on and off campus. The system can also easily be extended by adding new cameras…..”

By adopting IP CCTV everyone will benefit from banishing low quality, slow and unresponsive video for good, allowing high quality, fast and intelligent video solutions.

Whereas traditional CCTV video only told you half the story, IP CCTV can now put you firmly in the picture, improving safety and security, cutting costs and improving operations.

To read the complete case study about the college click here


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