Make CCTV security become more proactive with Intelligent Video Analytics

When released Intelligent Video Analytics was heralded as ‘the next big thing’ for CCTV allowing automatic identification of suspects and replacing the need for CCTV operators entirely. As a technology it has not yet lived up to its billing but that said Analytics has made strides forward and without a doubt has a key role to play in the future of CCTV.

Analytics today can analyse video and send alarms very accurately on motion, object size, direction, people counting, loitering, removed or left objects and many other functions. With the improvements in processor and memory technology Analytics is now available at the network edge in cameras or encoders themselves. This reduces server loading across the network by allowing video to only be transmitted when an alarm condition is broken.

An open management platform can easily integrate Video Analytics into security operations. By combining Analytics, Access Control, building management, intruder and fire systems together into a single management interface security operations are easier to manage. Video is even supported remotely thanks to Transcoding technology that enables not only the monitoring of video but also the control of PTZ cameras and Analytics from mobile phones. This enables security personnel on the ground to see and control video data on the move allowing better coordination of security operations between the control room and mobile patrols.

Click here for more information concerning Open Management CCTV surveillance.

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