See the benefits of IP CCTV now and in the future

CCTV solutions come in many different shapes and sizes but they all include the same components namely cameras, management viewing software and recording hardware. The challenge for the 21st century is that analogue systems have reached the very limits of their technology boundaries, making systems even more expensive by providing low quality video and frame rates. However when you look at the latest Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV solutions these overcome many of these problems.

IP CCTV solutions support far greater image quality through H.264, Megapixel and High Density (HD) technologies that deliver higher frame rates. Lower cost installation is achieved through reduced storage costs, Power over Ethernet (PoE) and also trouble-free integration with the existing IIT network infrastructure without impacting on network services. IP based systems also support video analytics and advanced Image Content Management (ICN) tracking technology that help CCTV operators manage large quantities of video based data, improving the reaction time to events.

Acting as the heartbeat of the building IP technology will become the basis for controlling not just CCTV but building management, access control, and even cashless catering systems. Therefore when specifying security systems all relevant stakeholders in the process must look at IP based surveillance for a future proofed, cost-effective and integrated security solution.

For the latest IP based CCTV and case studies click here.

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