How IP based CCTV systems can improve security surveillance

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance systems have traditionally been based on analogue technology and often connected back to Video Cassette Recorders (VCR’s) for image storage. The recent development of IP based systems enable convergence of CCTV with the data network, revolutionising the way video is accessed, controlled and stored.  IP delivers a reliable and resilient transmission network whilst reducing costs and enhancing performance.

In recent years, installations of surveillance systems have increased dramatically, the Police and other Public organisations have found CCTV invaluable for crime prevention and Private sector organisations ranging from retail to manufacturing businesses have benefited from its crime deterrent and management capabilities.

By their very nature analogue CCTV systems are “closed”, they require a dedicated network, can only be monitored from a fixed location, offer limited integration possibilities and are expensive to extend and maintain. Adoption of IP technology enables surveillance to be unrestricted; delivering increased flexibility through secure centralised and decentralised viewing and control of cameras from practically anywhere in the world. Access control and building management systems can be integrated and stored video images are not limited to videotape, but can be reproduced and distributed instantaneously in a wide variety of media (print, fax, e-mail) without loss of quality or detail. These digital images are stored using minimal storage space, and retrieved, reviewed and organised in a matter of seconds. With analogue systems only the security manager from a fixed location could monitor the building but today other departments can securely monitor and control access to their secure areas through adoption of IP based systems. Also the increasing availability of low-cost broadband technology, wireless devices and other high-speed networking connections has now made the transmission of video images and more importantly real time video, viable. The future is IP CCTV and it is here now.

To find out more about IP based CCTV security solutions visit the Controlware website here.


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