The case for H.264 for CCTV: Introduction

The case for H.264 by Mark Harraway as published in International Security Buyers Guide Sept 09.

In his recent columns, ‘the Mole’ has reported interesting statements from the trade with regard to H.264 and I have to agree that when something brand spanking new comes along, it is easy for people to jump on the bandwagon and claim they have innovative features that eclipse competitors. And if a manufacturer does indeed deliver a new feature set which puts them in the position of being market leader then everyone else will often rush to adopt it either too cheaply, too quickly or in a shoddy manner. As a result, all that happens is that the feature becomes discredited within the industry or is viewed with suspicion.

Like many sectors of our industry, the devil is in the detail and system integrators and end-users who wish to see the benefits of an IP-based solution should look to someone who really knows the technology and can give an impartial view. It is common sense that manufacturers will only support their own hardware and will promise the earth for it, whereas a distributor will have evaluated a number of solutions from different vendors and be able to say that product A is the best for solution B because of XYZ whereas product Y is the best for solution C because of etc etc. ‘The Mole’ has already posed a few questions in the magazine and on blogs that I want to consider so fire away at me.

Part 2 follows tomorrow…..

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