Understanding CCTV: Will H.264 be widely implemented?

The fourth part of the case for H.264 by Mark Harraway, UK Country Manager

Q. Given the current state of video management systems, will  the marketplace  allow H.264 to be implemented widely?

Again, the answer is “Yes” if only because it is the stated mission of ONVIF to promote a single standard within the CCTV arena.  Many leading vendors have H.264 in their product sets and many VMS developers already support it.  The Internet protocol CCTV community is well aware of the drive towards standardisation and the need for it.  The key for all of us is the path towards  integration: If you are installing a complete new system into a green field site then I would unhesitatingly recommend opting for H.264 right now.  But if you have chosen a migration approach, then look to encoders to see you through until you replace  your cameras since it should be possible to support both H.264 and non-H.264 on a good VMS system.  But do remember that H.264 in the CCTV world will be driven as a hardware platform.  You will need either an H.264-enabled encoder / codec or camera to create the stream and then a VMS that is capable of recording H.264.

Part 5 continues tomorrow…


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