Integrated CCTV – Greater than the sum of its parts

Security both inside and outside of the location is a key factor in developing a safe environment.  It is essential that the CCTV surveillance cover more than just site boundaries but ensure staff and public safety as a whole.

The application of new and future technology into an integrated solution can effectively assist in both crime prevention and management of incidents as they occur.  The key components of a security solution typically comprise of video surveillance, video recording, communication and alarm detection.   If each of these systems is implemented separately and independently, management, efficiency and usability will inevitably suffer as a result.  Alarms occur on one system, access control is managed on another system, recording and viewing by another and so on.  This means that operational usability becomes difficult, training needs more comprehensive, and maintenance more complex.

An effective security system needs all of these components working together in harmony to create a seamless unified solution.  When utilising multiple separate companies to provide these systems problems usually arise as there is no one company who is responsible for ensuring the collective parts all work together.  In addition, many systems are using proprietary technology that does not lend itself well to integration, often made worse when the manufacturers are unwilling to share necessary information about their systems.

By utilising a single organisation who can integrate these separate security components and technologies under a flexible CCTV and security management system, you benefit from a considerably more powerful and effective security solution with a lower total cost of ownership.

Like many sectors of the security industry, the devil is in the detail and system integrators and end-users who wish to see the benefits of an IP-based solution should look to someone who really knows the technology and can give an impartial view. It is common sense that manufacturers will only support their own hardware and will promise the earth for it, whereas a distributor will have evaluated a number of solutions from different vendors and be able to say that product A is the best for solution B because of XYZ whereas product Y is the best for solution C because of etc etc.

To find out more visit the Controlware website by clicking here.


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