Building an integrated security system: Access Control

Implementing a simple access control solution on its own provides little benefit if a member of staff or the public hold a door open for a non-authorised person to enter a secure building.   By integrating Access Control with CCTV it is possible to detect events automatically using Video Analytics and issue alarms to security staff in real-time.

Access Control could also be used to manage site access as a whole enabling secure out of hours availability of restricted areas.  An example could be the issuing of  security passes that restrict certian groups to specific areas for example a pass that provides access to the car parking facilities and so on.

With the CCTV system recording video across the site as a whole, it is important that the Access Control is tightly integrated within this.  By combining the functions of Access Control and CCTV, the system can become much more effective in ensuring that areas of sensitivity are not breached.  This can be realised by automatic alarms that alert operators to suspicious events enabling them to see what is happening and react accordingly.

Controlware integrate Access Control systems from leading vendors into the Cware management platform.  In addition, development is currently taking place to utilise advanced biometric systems to control access, such as palm scanning and facial recognition.  This provides the ability for individuals to gain access to restricted areas or facilities without the need to carry an access card which can be forgotten, lost or stolen.

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2 Responses to Building an integrated security system: Access Control

  1. phenom2010 says:

    I do agree with the fact that integrating access control with CCTV or IP based video provides additonal protection for any facility. However; I do not agree with the statement of access control not providing a benefit for an end user.

    If you implement access control correctly, you will provide not only added security for a customer, but you will also help them keep cost down by not having to issue and control hard keys that would operate a mechanical lockset to enter the facility. That is where most electronic security integrators fail to provide for their customers when it comes to access control.

    When implemented properly, you re-key existing locks so that no one elses key can work in that lock any longer. They now have a card or key fob to present to a card reader which would then allow them access based upon the settings of the system. If a customer senses any issues or if an incedent takes place, they can always review the history and even shut off a card holders ability to gain access.

    There are also many other things to consider, however; when working with a customer, not only do you have to take into consideration their security needs, but also their BUDGET!! Yes I would love to sell an integrated system all day, but not all customers can afford it.

  2. controlware says:

    The point I was making is that the security system should always be greater than the sum of its parts – hooking up cctv with access control (or vica versa) would make a stronger system than two seperate systems that are unlinked.

    I accept your point about budgets but this is an area where we must try to educate our customers to move away from. Consultant Mike Tolley makes some interesting observations about that subject here.

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