Is IP the new kid on the block for CCTV?

IP is here and offers more than hybrid or analogue systems. So Mark Harraway argues here. Mike Tennent of Tavcom Training sets out the next part of his response below.

It is arguable that these traditional attitudes and problems may well affect the long term success and effectiveness of the new IP technology. For now, however, it is the new and very popular kid on the security block that can do no wrong! For many, in fact, it is now the only kid on the block … but with good reason? Let’s have a look at some of the arguments being put out about by the providers of ‘IP-only’ solutions. Many suppliers have a very narrow focal plane and say it is now the sole way forward and that there should be no other method of designing, installing and operating CCTV systems.

At Tavcom we have been teaching IP and networking solutions for the industry for the past 10 years now and I have always agreed with the opinion of thousands of installers and end users that whilst IP technology in concept is first class, in practice there are many instances where there is an insufficient supply of bandwidth to provide the images specified by the users for their operational needs.

What do you think? Is IP the only way forward for CCTV?

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