CCTV video of warehouse accident demonstrates importance of Health and Safety

Much has been discussed about the wider merits of CCTV and how it can reduce crime and make people feel safer but a topic that is often over looked is how CCTV can help with health and safety.

It is sometimes a shock to find staff carrying out tasks that completely go against the training, regulations and processes that have been put in place. CCTV if well monitored can therefore be highly important in preventing the occurrence of accidents. Also if employees having received training and been made aware of regulations are involved in an accident, CCTV is a tool that can be used to help clear your company of blame and potential legal action that might follow.

The video below filmed at a warehouse in Russia shows a major health and safety incident occurring. Fortunately no one was badly injured, but five million roubles (£105,000) worth of alcohol was destroyed in the accident, according to the website that posted the video,

If resource for live monitoring is not available technologies such as Video Analysis (Video Analytics / Smart CCTV) can help. When using an open management platform such as Cware, Video Analysis from IP cameras, analogue (analog) cameras or codecs can be easily integrated into the CCTV system. Video Analysis continuously checks for activity, events or behaviours that might be considered suspicious against user-defined policies. When activity is detected the system will classify the objects of interest (people, vehicle etc.), track and identify the direction of moving objects, interpret what the objects are doing and determine if a customer-defined policy has been broken. Once a policy is broken, for instance an intruder climbing over a perimeter fence or a vehicle parking in a forbidden zone, a wide variety of automatic countermeasures can be taken. PTZ cameras can automatically zoom in and track the object to get images of evidential quality, audible alarms can be broadcast to frighten away trespassers and emails or text messages can be sent to notify security personnel.

For more information about IP CCTV, the Cware management platform and Video Analysis click here.

Plus what do you think about CCTV? Is Britain becoming a Surveillance Society? Discuss here.

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  3. controlware says:

    This video has to be seen to be believed. Amazing no one was hurt badly…

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Controlware: CCTV video of warehouse accident demonstrates importance of Health and Safety

  5. VoIPModo says:

    This is great for any future damage claims or in case the employee complains that he was fired unjustly. We carry higher resolution cameras then this that would allow the owner to zoom pan or tilt digitally and most likely even see the face of the person driving.. Mobotix Cameras:

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  9. Kathleen A. Harvey says:

    I remember the days when Security Camera Systems cost an arm and a leg. But today they have come down in price so much that you can’t really afford not have them especially if your in business. I looked around for a while trying to find the best deal. But the reality is that it does not exist. If there is one thing you should not take short cuts on is your Camera Systems. I finally bit the bullet and bought my Camera Systems from cctvboss

    • controlware says:

      I think you get what you pay for and know of quite a few instances where cheap cameras have been installed and have not worked when push comes to shove.

      If you are looking at CCTV whatever system you go for should not be based completely on price, buy good components from good manufacturers and ensure you have professional help to design your system. I would advise against businesses buying a system over the phone, a site survey is an essential part of developing the Operational Requirement for your security system.

      Cheap cameras and cheap systems are one reason why CCTV gets a bad press, remember what independent consultant Milke Tolley from Cogent fm said “Buy cheap surveillance systems, buy twice“. Read the full post here

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