Flexible system design is key for CCTV ROI

IP is here and offers more than hybrid or analogue systems. So Mark Harraway argues here. Mike Tennent of Tavcom Training sets out the next part of his response below.

The sensible answer to all these issues (concering analogue, hybrid and IP technology) is for us to encourage progress and quality whilst coming to terms with the equipment we actually have available and using that to design cost effective solutions for the security and surveillance needs of clients that are both backwardly and forwardly compatible. Whatever the systems employed, the paramount consideration is to provide image quality that can be measured on a repeatable basis and will meet the expectations of the discerning user and the professional commissioning engineer.

In this way, system designs and installations should never need to come under the critical, eagle eyes of the expert witnesses! Tavcom’s consultants will not mind losing that strand of business if systems are working efficiently for the benefit of people and property.

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6 Responses to Flexible system design is key for CCTV ROI

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Controlware: Flexible system design is key for CCTV ROI http://tinyurl.com/y99vyt4

  3. Old cctv designer says:

    I personally believe the IP video is going to win just because it send signals in digital form.

    What I see now many IT guys went to CCTV area, because they have no problem with many networking aspects, like port forwarding, traffic shaping and so on. For sure they miss an experience with camera lenses, and other CCTV secrets but there are software tools, like “IP Video System Design Tool” ( http://www.jvsg.com ) to help them.

    So I believe all CCTV people must lean IP.

  4. Old cctv designer says:


    …must learn IP.” of course.

  5. controlware says:

    I also believe IP is the way forward. I know there are video purist arguments out there by the likes of the hdcctv allience and in an ideal world I can see they have some benefits. Everything is going IP though, voice, video even broadcast video so I cant see why not CCTV too…

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