Secret CCTV cameras INSIDE people’s homes – a step too far?

Croydon council in south London has taken the step of trialing CCTV surveillance in people home’s to monitor anti-social behaviour.

The £1,000 security cameras have been installed inside private properties but are monitoring the streets to gather evidence of anti-social behaviour.

This type of CCTV would be less expensive than erecting external street cameras because internal cameras are much cheaper and no complex install or street furniture would be required. So the council is obviously saving money.  Each camera is linked to a laptop computer and accessible online by police and council officials 24 hours a day.  The big question for me is how solutions like these can be legal without the signage required to alert the public that they are being filmed?

The trial that is taking place inside two homes in Croydon,  south London has sparked new fears about the invasion of privacy in Britain today and the growth of what has become known as the  ‘surveillance society’. Many commentators have argued that there are too many CCTV cameras today and that Britain is beginning to resemble George Orwell’s novel 1984 where the state had a controlling influence over the populace.

So how do you feel about this?

Are there too many CCTV cameras today?

Do you think they help fight crime?

Have you been a victim of crime where CCTV has not helped or where it has lead to a prosecution or the return of stolen items?

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