Selling CCTV is like double glazing…

Mike Tolley, Principal Consultant at Cogent (fm) Solutions, looks at the issues that concern the CCTV industry today.

Unfortunately my flippant comment about double glazing sales people selling CCTV is true. The approach to selling CCTV is based, by the majority, on How many? and The cheapest price? – not questions such as Why CCTV? Placed where to justify the need? and the issue of cost effectiveness against quality.

As a consultant, I would often get sales staff walking a site with me on a tender specification, and they would try to justify their point for additional CCTV, or an easier mounting point, with no foundation or reason. They where quickly put back in their place. There is no education or training in the security sales industry. It is, typically, ‘in at the deep end’ and ‘use your first customers as your testing grounds’

It is good to see that some manufacturers have taken the initiative in system and product sales training and accredited installer schemes. There are a few installers that take training seriously. They are starting to shine through, recognised as sitting at the front of their field.

Do you agree with Mike? Let us know what you think below.

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7 Responses to Selling CCTV is like double glazing…

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  2. Derek Rodner says:

    Interesting article. It made me think about the ROI of a CCTV system. I posted a follow-up to this post at

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  4. IP camera says:

    For your home and office security protection, the IP camera offer network functionality can be remote monitoring from any time at anywhere.

  5. monztarz11 says:

    thank you ,i can learn more about CCTV.

  6. Henry Gates says:

    As CCTV installers ourselves, we try to promote the reasons for using CCTV rather than highlight costs as a priority in the decision-making for customers. One thing we’ve been doing lately is pointing out some of the results from our installations in the form of blog posts, which we find gives a point of reference for those customers who might be unsure whether to opt for CCTV cameras.

    • controlware says:

      Hi Henry, we believe that any system must be operationally fit for purpose regardless of costs, if it cant be within the budget then there must be a trade off. This is about educating the installer / end user so costs although important should not impact upon what the user wants to achieve.

      Good luck with the blog posts, its a good way to begin the education process about CCTV, technology and solutions. Another good opportunity can be found in the LinkedIn CCTV group here, why not join up its free

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