The security industry and CCTV surveillance systems need standards

Mike Tolley, Principal Consultant at Cogent (fm) Solutions, looks at the issues that concern the CCTV industry. Today Mike argues the need for standards.

I still believe that there are huge amounts of good business to be had, but it is all too often like an old western out there on the streets. Sales companies are fighting to the death and, ultimately, it will lead to the death of their companies.

The surge of cheap CCTV products being offered, are being lapped up by the cheap CCTV installers and it is killing the industry.

The margin is reduced in sales, so the service cannot be offered; engineers are not trained and maintained, vetted or provided with the right tools. And the real loser in all of this is the end user … they get a cheap CCTV system by a cheap CCTV installer who cannot provide the service and back up to support the system.

There should be a specification of minimum standards of equipment adopted by the industry and its regulators. This will assist the un-knowing end user in getting a level playing field based on service and competitive pricing. You can buy CCTV cameras from some distributors for as low as £25. You cannot tell me there is any quality standards of manufacturing that have gone into that product.

Installation companies that wish to be accredited by SSAIB / NSI should sign up to this and fit only equipment that meets these minimum standards. Installers should be made to erect the correct DPA (Data Protection Act) signage and provide a DPA policy with every system. Compliance packs are readily available so it should be part of the system.

Too many end users still don’t know that CCTV is covered by the DPA. Maintenance policies must be taken out with every installation. It can’t be left as an option to be taken out later; it is stated within the DPA rules on CCTV. To be sold, all products must have a detailed specification sheet, not on a pretty picture and a made up specification.

Do you agree with Mike? Let us know what you think below.

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13 Responses to The security industry and CCTV surveillance systems need standards

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  4. door security alarm…

    I’ve gotta to add this to my system!…

  5. Disagree with the comment above, we see many system’s installed by Novices, every system we install will provide quality images intended for the purpose, 65% of facial recognision where required, the problem in the uk is too many people installing cctv who are not qualified.

    If your going to spend money on a surveilance system then get a proffesional in to do it, not your electrician at a budget price as they say pay cheap pay twice, get a SSAIB or NACOSs installer in as at least they are vetted to a standard

  6. Absolutly agree, the CCTV industry standars needs tighten up, the amount of times we have to go and rip out old systems because an electrician has decided that he now can install CCTV whilst he is changing a few lights in a building, it’s only after the company has an incident that they realise that the system installed is worthless

    Pay cheap pay twice as they say, that don’t mean to say that CCTV has to be expensive it just has to be done with a quality camera, good recording equipment and enough cameras to take detailed Images not just 3 very wide angled cameras that pick up everything with no detail

    • controlware says:

      You are right Security London, it doesnt mean CCTV has to be expensive or even IP based, what it has to be though, above everything else, is fit for purpose and do the job it was bought to do. So yes the crucial thing is good images.

      We take great care working with installation companies to ensure that they and the customer understands the solution they are getting, what it can do, what it cant do etc. it is crucial to get this buy in throughout the project.

      Our own Cware open management software is good for this because it is scalable and flexible to support future technologies.

  7. have been reading your site for three days. absolutely love what you posted. btw i will be conducting a report concerning this area. do you happen to know any good sites or maybe online forums where I might find out more? thanks in advance.

    • controlware says:

      I am glad you like our blog Wilton, Thanks!

      The best online forum around currently sits on Linkedin if you click on the link below you can signup to it. Its the largest CCTV group on Linkedin with 5,000+ members. It adds value to the industry with discussion and views from a knowledgeable group of professionals

      Sign up here for the Linkedin group

      Kind Regards, Ben

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  9. I got what you mean , appreciate it for putting up.

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