The CCTV industry needs to stand up and be better regulated

Mike Tolley, Principal Consultant at Cogent (fm) Solutions, looks at the issues that concern the CCTV industry. Today Mike looks at the importance of service and the need for wider industry regulation.

The CCTV security industry as a whole does nothing to support itself. It is slowly putting itself into a downward spiral to doom. The industry accreditation organisations allow anyone to join as part of a paid up membership club.

I believe that anyone offering services as a company involving the supply, installation and maintenance of electronic security systems must operate from a commercial premises, not their domestic garage; manufacturers must also be members of the UK organisations if they wish their products to be sold and supported in the UK and must also have a supply and service base in the UK.

When an end user makes a complaint about a failure of service or standard against accredited members, it is often seen as a threat to the integrity to the ‘club’; as a lost membership fee. The complaints should be followed up and people/companies kicked out, and this information shared, so that they don’t just become a member of another club.

I have to ask: Does the industry care or are there enough people in it to always blame someone else for it going wrong?

Let’s take some ownership of this industry we are in, or it will wither away to becoming nothing more than a car boot sale with an engineer tagged on to it. If you don’t care, please leave it now and go back to facia or window fitting!

As a final note, as part of the industry regulation, I believe that, like manned guarding companies have to do, it should be compulsory for sales, service and installation staff to permanently carry company ID cards when at work.

In the light of the current security risk levels, why do so many people still open their doors to anyone who says that they sell security and then proceed to tell them all about their business and their security weaknesses?

Do you agree with Mike? Let us know what you think below.

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5 Responses to The CCTV industry needs to stand up and be better regulated

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  2. Yasir says:

    Yes I certainly agree with Mike !!!

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  4. Craig says:

    I agree with what is being said; as a dedicated end user, I feel that the vendor/manufacture/supplier are the ones controlling the industry and not the end user. The end user/operator should be the one who has the final say; however, I think that there is a lot of ignorance on CCTV and it’s function and this is where suppliers capitalise. Not everyone needs IP, for example, yet this is being pushed as the be all and end all. If end users were more educated about the function and use of CCTV, then more appropriate systems would be put into place and the overall benefit/ROI of CCTV would become more apparent.

  5. controlware says:

    Hi Craig,

    I agree first and foremost CCTV systems should be fit for purpose and designed with the user in mind in order to get the most out of them. I think its also important to remember that IP is only the transmission layer for CCTV. It should not detract from the operational aspects of CCTV itself and if it does should not be specified.

    As you mention IP may not always offer the best fit for CCTV requirements but above the 30 cameras plus mark I believe using IP does deliver benefits for the system especially the level of integration and scalable RAID based recording delivers.

    Obviously there are many different companies out there who work in different ways, the process we have is to define an Operational Requirement with all stakeholders so that requirements are defined and the user knows what they are getting and that the system technically works for their requirements.

    At the end of the day the user still has a choice concerning which manufacturer(s) to use and as a value added distributor with many partners we are in a strong position to help users select systems that fit their requirements. I believe our position in some respects helps address the proprietary stranglehold manufacturers have on the industry.

    Have you read the Dedicated Micros and Controlware papers?

    If not Drop me a line, its a good example of one manufacturer displaying their hold on the industry.

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