Government announce national CCTV Oversight body

The UK Government has announced the creation of a CCTV Oversight body and interim CCTV regulator.

According to the announcement by The Policing Minister, David Hanson on the 15th December 2009, “The interim CCTV Regulator will, over the next 12 months, review the CCTV landscape and draft recommendations to Ministers on how the regulation of CCTV should be taken forward in future years. The Regulator will provide guidance on standards around the use of CCTV, image quality, training and raising public awareness about how and why CCTV is used. The Regulator will also establish a structure for complaints to be considered appropriately”.

The role of the interim Regulator will be to work with the National CCTV Strategy Board on six key areas. These are to:

  • Develop national standards for the installation and use of CCTV in public space
  • Determine training requirements for users and practitioners
  • Engage with the public and private sector in determining the need and potential content of any regulatory framework
  • Raise public awareness and understanding of how CCTV operates and the benefits to tackling crime and public protection
  • Review the existing recommendations of the National CCTV Strategy and advising the Strategy Board on implementation, timelines and cost and development of an effective evidence base
  • Promote public awareness of the complaints process and criteria for complaints to the relevant agencies (e.g. Information Commissioner, local authority, private organisation etc) and dealing with complaints relating to technical standards.

On this blog we have called for regulation in the past notably publishing Mark Harraway’s “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” and Mike Tolley’s “The CCTV industry should put its house in orderso is this welcome news? Regulation is certainly well overdue but only time will tell.

To read the complete statement about the creation of a CCTV Oversight body and interim CCTV regulator click here.


6 Responses to Government announce national CCTV Oversight body

  1. controlware says:

    While we have to wait to see the full powers of these proposals and what they will mean in action there are passages which hint that the Government may have made a bureaucratic train crash for themselves….

    ” The focus of the Interim Regulator will be on dealing with complaints around standards but another active task will be to help explain to the public how they can complain about intrusive or ineffective CCTV placement or usage.”

  2. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by cctvtoday: Government announce national CCTV Oversight body

  3. controlware says:

    This sounds expensive. How do the public know what ineffective CCTV placement is? What is the definition for “ineffective CCTV placement”, are we talking about crime here, if so what about the CCTV cameras used as money making schemes by some local authorities? Can the public complain about those being ineffective against crime…? Lots of questions… We shall see what happens.

  4. In my experience cctv security is a difficult business

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