CCTV images need to be good quality

Controlware Country Manager Mark Harraway comments on the news that the UK Government has announced the creation of a CCTV Oversight body and interim CCTV regulator.

The last article on budget v OR has sparked a number of comments in the discussion forums. We’ve had input from a number of consultants who are trying to steer their customers to building systems that meet a fit for purpose OR, and also a number of CCTV vendors saying they are confused and frustrated that the market in general seems happy to accept low resolution / highly compressed images on the one hand as it meets their budget, but then complains when they are not of a good enough quality to meet a legal purpose.

Please click here to read the complete article. To find out more about the new Government Oversight Body or if you would like to discuss the OR / Functionality / Budget triangle – visit the Linkedin CCTV discussion forum or email me at

One Response to CCTV images need to be good quality

  1. Andy Argust says:

    Hello – just a brief note to say thank you for this entry. Very informative.

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