CCTV needs to deliver useable evidence

I’ve recently participated in three key project meetings: one led by a systems integrator (SI) and two led by end users: one working in public space and an American hotelier using CCTV for surveillance.  All three meetings came back to the same point which was the need to produce useable evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt and obtain a conviction.  However, while the SI talked about budget as being key to setting the OR (as the customer only has so much money to spend), both of the end users wanted high quality images which they could use to secure a conviction (public space) or obtain an arrest / expulsion (hoteliers). While both of the end users were conscious of delivering a cost effective solution, they were prepared to fight for the necessary budget to meet their bottom line operational requirements (OR).

In the discussions with the end users it was interesting that they both held the view that rather than allow the quality of camera to be chosen to meet a pre-determined camera count and technical functionality (this lens size, this resolution etc. which has the danger of picking a “budget” camera in order to keep within the specified budget), both were savvy about the abilities of IP to deliver high resolution images without impacting on transmitted or recorded video quality and were willing to explore different compression techniques and the flexibility that new technologies such as H.264 & HD can deliver to make savings elsewhere in areas like storage or to invest more in their solutions to ensure they met their OR.

This allows delivery of the necessary standard of footage to meet the evidential needs for a successful prosecution rather than flooding an area with poor quality CCTV to meet an identified requirement and yet still hit a budget figure.

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To find out more about the new Government Oversight Body or if you would like to discuss the OR / Functionality / Budget triangle – visit the Linkedin CCTV discussion forum or email me at

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