Key reasons to select IP CCTV in 2010 #3 Integration with other systems

Here we look at the key drivers for selecting IP over analogue, and what people should be aware of when looking at specifying CCTV projects.

Integration with other systems

IP CCTV can be easily integrated into other IP based systems across a wide spectrum of solutions not just in the security arena.  For example in Retail environments IP CCTV is used for marketing activities such as people counting, measuring the success of promotions,  alerting store managers that there are queues at tills and helping to ensure compliance regarding the sale of restricted items such as alcohol or tobacco through simple integration into EPOS systems.

Other areas where we have worked are in Utilities and Logistics to help improve business efficiencies by providing an overview of areas where there are events or alarms to ensure that the right resources are in place to respond promptly with the right equipment (Does the engineer need a crow bar or a screwdriver?).  IP CCTV has also been used to provide visual information remotely in order to check gauges or levels and confirm whether resources are needed onsite.

In manufacturing, IP CCTV has been incorporated into production processes to help with quality testing and compliance, to speed up processes or protect key infrastructure and resources. For example IP CCTV is used to compare an image of a circuit board with live products on the production line to detect any abnormalities.

Previously we have spoken specifically about the cost advantages of IP over analogue systems. If you would like to read these arguments and a detailed cost breakdown then please drop us an email at or visit

Also if you would like to challenge Controlware to prove that IP can be just as cost effective, provide a better service than analogue or allow you to enable an upgrade to IP without replacing your entire system then please contact us.


10 Responses to Key reasons to select IP CCTV in 2010 #3 Integration with other systems

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  3. DVRs can integrate with other IP based systems as well. Indeed, many of the most mature DVRs can integrate with more 3rd party IP based systems than IP CCTV/Video Management Software.

  4. controlware says:

    DVR’s are essentially direct attached storage devices. NVR’s offer more but all NVR’s are not the same. For very small camera counts perhaps there is an advantage for one box solutions but surely a better option for any serious solution would be a VMS networked Server made fully redundant / resilient with no single point of failure, thereby separating the recording from the storage as separate entities – if the server fails it can utilise the same storage. Also a VMS Server can support a far higher number of channels at potentially different stream frame rates / resolutions, giving more functionality. By being a true IP / Networking solution then this also allows you to add redundant storage as well through the use of SAN / NAS / iSCSI etc.

    Further discussion is available in the Dont go Hybrid article concerning Hybrid DVR’s and the following End User’s view and the CCTV Trainers View

  5. Your response does not address my critique. You claimed “IP CCTV can be easily integrated into other IP based systems across a wide spectrum of solutions” and I responded that this is neither unique to IP CCTV nor actually an advantage of IP CCTV over DVRs. Your rebuttal is to argue that NVRs over greater redundancy and larger camera counts. Valid points certainly but does not address my critique of the main point of your post: that integrating with other systems is not an advantage of IP CCTV.

  6. controlware says:

    John the post is about the benefits of IP CCTV over analogue systems not specifically DVR’s. I stand by what I have said, yes some hybrid DVR’s can integrate with other systems too but they are using IP to do it. For the reasons above we would not specify a DVR solution, NVR offers a far more robust, scalable and resilient platform in our view for camera counts above 30 odd cameras which is generally the minimum we operate at.

    The benefits that IP based CCTV brings over wholly analogue based systems including integration with Access Control, Building Management Systems, EPOS, Video Analytics, H.264 etc. etc. etc. is a factor in driving the market forward and why we see more IP based systems being selected by users.

  7. Analog DVRs (which 99% have network connections) support widespread 3rd party integration. Even analog only DVRs from American Dynamics and Dedicated Micros, support far more 3rd party integrations than almost all of the software only providers.

    How many 3rd party systems does your VMS support in production today? Please list them.

  8. controlware says:

    We provide different VMS platforms from different vendors to suit the Operational Requirements of the project.

    If you are refering to Cware though today we have about 15 manufacturers supported. If we are working for a customer who wants a specific manufacturer supported we can do it quickly on the fly, would a DVR manufacturer do the same? I dont think so. DVR’s also generally support a limited range of IP cameras compared with open platforms.

    You are also trapped by telemetry with a DVR. Once you have a DVR you can only use one telemetry whereas open systems like Cware can support multiple telemetry controls integrating with codecs and cameras from different manufacturers. This is why for the markets we work in open VMS platforms offer real advantages over DVR based systems.

  9. Great post. You explain things in a very natural clear way. I like it!

  10. spywareqhjyu says:

    I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.

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