CCTV system design options improved with IP

When working with Installers and System Integrators to develop CCTV systems it is often helpful to include the end user in these discussions. That way all parties gain a more comprehensive understanding of what is required in the Must Have / Nice to have / Wish list of features.

Following on from part 1 other Wish list things we could offer included driving outputs to switch on lights in poorly lit areas – and again cost savings could be made by using Raytec LED lighting. This was interesting for me as we were able to use mixed white and red light illuminators in one device, which gave additional cost savings through reduced running costs.

And all this before we had even got to the software!

Once at the control room even more Wishlist items could be ticked off. We could run the system over the End Users Virtual Machine environment and utilise their large SAN. Not having to buy expensive dedicated DVR / NVRs which would need to be deployed locally onsite, allowed them to expand the system potential. They could add more locations and cameras to the network, improving the system functionality and meaning more installation work for the System Integrator and a higher value / margin software sale.

The powerful feature rich element of our Cware Video Management Software also meant improved operational usage. They could deploy the fully functional client with all the alarm handling and escalation onto multiple operators’ stations. The alarms could flash on the operator’s PC toolbar, drawing their attention to anything that required action rather than just sitting watching cameras waiting for something to happen. This meant that they could then work on other things, improving productivity and providing a more interactive and interesting work environment.

All in all through working in partnership with different manufacturers and the CCTV Integrator within the overall solution and running over an IP infrastructure we were able to far exceed the customer’s expectations and correspondingly improve their perception of the System Integrators and also improve the System Integrators slice of the project spend by clever deployment of hardware and software to maximise available budgets, rather than spend these on options that may not have been won by the SI such as additional cabling or digging trenches.

To read part 1, click here. If you would like to find out more about working in partnership with Controlware, please drop me an email at

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