Improve CCTV images with IP CCTV systems

The benefits of upgrading CCTV systems from analogue to IP based technology have been well documented in the past but with technology moving ever forward there is no time like the present to look again at what IP CCTV can deliver. If you are planning a new or upgrading an existing CCTV system there is no reason why you should not base your CCTV project on IP technology.

The fundamental reason to move to IP is image quality. The recent developments of HD (Hi Definition) Megapixel cameras far outstrip what is possible with analogue CCTV cameras. In fact a 1 Megapixel camera is 10 times more powerful than an analogue camera running CIF (Common Interchange Format) and 2 Megapixel is 20 times more powerful. What this means for the user is more detailed CCTV images and after all this is the purpose of CCTV – to provide clear video images that can be used for evidential purposes.

CCTV systems that cannot deliver evidential quality video images are clearly next to useless and should be upgraded. Upgrading CCTV to reap the benefits of IP and improve the system is not as expensive as it sounds. Encoders can be connected to existing analogue cameras allowing CCTV to run over IP. Once connected CCTV can be monitored from anywhere even on mobile phones and CCTV recordings can be made more resilient. This hybrid network of analogue cameras and IP technology will not give you a full Megapixel IP CCTV system directly but it is a big step forward from analogue CCTV and a stepping stone to a full IP CCTV HD system. Many users take this step to ensure that they do not have to write off the cost of their existing analogue cameras while providing the opportunity to introduce HD cameras to their network. In this way the network can naturally evolve to HD Megapixel cameras as analogue cameras fail and are easily replaced. This ensures the best of both worlds – cost-effective use of analogue cameras while providing a fast upgrade to HD IP based CCTV.

The key to getting the most out of your CCTV system is to partner with a company who understands both IP technology and CCTV since knowledge of both is necessary to deliver a working system. IP networks are complex and are not the same as analogue networks so an IP CCTV specialist is required. At the outset it is important that all partners are aware of the users Operational Requirements so that IP CCTV systems are able to be planned, designed, commissioned and delivered in line with what the user requires. By engaging with a specialist IP CCTV partner at the planning stage this is easier to achieve helping to ensure that the CCTV system is fit for purpose and project goals are met.

If you are looking at upgrading an existing CCTV system or a designing a new system contact us today, Controlware can help with design, product advice, integration and support. As a Value added distributor we can either work alongside consultants or your installation partners or reccomend partners from our network.


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  1. Andi P says:

    Specifications about digital cameras wereso confusing to me until I started reading around this site.

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