Optelecom-NKF Siqura CCTV encoder range now available at Controlware

July 27, 2010

The Siqura philosophy is based on providing high-quality and reliable equipment that can be used anywhere, Siqura offers a wide array of field-hardened video encoders that can function in the most rigorous of circumstances, such as extreme temperatures. Siqura encoders and decoders are also designed using open streaming architecture (OSA) standards, so they are compatible with all the leading third-party VMS systems. As these versatile gadgets
can use either an RJ-45 or SFP connector, they perform optimally in copper, coax, or fiber networks, or even in a
combined, hybrid setup.

Each of these small but sturdy devices includes integrated audio, data, and digital input/output contacts to streamline your surveillance solution. By providing MJPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and H.264 video compression options, Siqura videos servers enable you to view live streams and store recorded video as efficiently and effectively as possible. Ultimately, Siqura encoders ensure that you can think about what you’re seeing rather than how it’s streaming.

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Optelecom-NKF Siqura CCTV camera range now available at Controlware

July 16, 2010

From Canada to Kabul and from oil rigs to casinos, Optelecom-NKF’s Siqura surveillance solutions are steadily working to keep the populace of our planet safe and sound. Whenever and wherever you need to secure a situation and protect people, there is a Siqura IP, fiber optic, or hybrid video network system to meet all your requirements, even under the most taxing conditions.

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IP CCTV manufacturing plant – case study – Health and Safety, security and process control benefits

July 9, 2010

Steel plant benefits from IP CCTV system that improves proccess control, security and safety

New system IP based CCTV system for steelworks that produces over 5 million tones of steel a year, and is situated on a 35km square site employing up to 6000 people. As one of the world’s most technically advanced producers of high quality steel slab, plate and strip products the steelworks wanted to introduce CCTV to monitor production processes and to ensure Health and Safety policies were being followed.

Having looked at analogue, hybrid and IP based CCTV systems the steelworks selected an IP based system because it allowed them to easily integrate CCTV with their existing network and CCTV cameras while benefiting from cost-saving technologies such as PoE (Power over Ethernet), UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies), iSCSI recording through RAID arrays that provide a 100% fail proof redundancy and support for the latest megapixel CCTV camera resolution that is only available with IP cameras.

This system is based on the Controlware Cware management platform, further details about this project can be found here.