Find out more about Omnicast Standard CCTV management software

Genetec’s powerful Omnicast Standard CCTV software is now available from Controlware UK. Find out the main benefits Omnicast Standard can provide below.

Open Architecture

Having an open-architecture video surveillance system gives you so many more options. Select your own hardware. Leverage analog equipment to reduce costs. Or, integrate your Omnicast system with other third-party security systems. This is system flexibility at its best.

Easy to Use

As part of Genetec’s unified security platform, the Security Center, Omnicast is very user-friendly. Bookmark video with a single click to quickly retrieve it later on. Use intuitive widgets to control PTZ cameras, and efficiently handle alarms. The user interface mimics those of well-known operating systems. This means a reduced operator learning curve and less training costs.


Getting Omnicast today means you will keep leveraging the system for years to come. Your Omnicast system is easily upgradeable from version to version. You can evolve with newer technology and still keep the same hardware. When you need to, adding more features or cameras to your system is always possible.


Getting an Omnicast Standard video surveillance package means you get all the high-end features that you need. Remote access, motion detection, archiving, video encryption are just a few Omnicast features available to you. There is no compromise, just a tailored and powerful video surveillance system.

Omnicast Standard is now available from Controlware UK. To find out more about Genetec Standard click here or call Controlware UK on 0844 225 9 225 for expert advice and great product deals.

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