Controlware to distribute Codestuff’s Quorum Touch CCTV software

September 6, 2010

Innovative all-in-one touchscreen CCTV management system available to key channel partners

Codestuff, a leading provider of innovative video management systems, has announced a distribution agreement with Controlware to offer the world’s first purpose-built touchscreen based CCTV monitoring, recording and management system to European channel partners. Launched in April 2009, Quorum Touch is an innovative system for up to 16 cameras combining all the elements of a traditional CCTV system into a single, self-contained desktop device.

“Quorum Touch is a compact desktop CCTV system that allows our channel partners to approach customers that would traditionally shy away from a full blown CCTV solution or are concerned about cost or complexity,” explains Rolf Didion, Security Systems Director for Controlware, “We are pleased to add it to our comprehensive portfolio of security products and will be working closely with Codestuff to showcase the possibilities for using Touch to bring in new business.”

Controlware will provide first level technical support, logistics fulfilment and sales support for the Quorum Touch as well as offering the complete Quorum range including modules for streaming IP video across the internet, video analytics and Networked Video Recorders.

With more than thirty years experience in IT networking and over a decade with IP CCTV products and systems Controlware positions the Quorum Touch as an easy to use solution for specific markets that use under 16 cameras such as small retail businesses. In this way the Quorum Touch provides a solution for mass market low channel requirements that are quite different to those met by Controlware’s existing Cware Video Management Software (VMS) platform which is powerful, feature rich and has been designed for higher camera counts, multiple sites and more challenging system requirements.

“We have had a lot of interest for camera systems under 16 channels and the Quorum Touch provides an all-in-one system that’s easy to use to meet these requirements, especially as a cost-effective alternative to DVR systems,” explains Rolf Didion.

The Quorum Touch is highly flexible and as an open management system is able to integrate with CCTV cameras and encoders from different manufacturers such as Axis, Bosch and Pelco whose products Controlware provide. On a technical level support for H.264, MPEG4, MxPEG and Motion JPEG video formats ensures the Quorum Touch integrates with the Controlware product range while providing compatibility with the emerging ONViF standard and Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi connections.

Under normal conditions, the Touch will store around 7 days of footage from 4 IP cameras running up to megapixel quality. The Touch uses the same core platform as the rest of the Quorum range which allows control of auxiliary devices such as door openers, alarm systems, lights, speaker phones, public address systems and barriers to be integrated directly into the Touch interface. The unit has a wide range of applications but is particular suited to retail premises, gatehouses, reception areas and high value private premises.

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Best CCTV equipment showcased in new UK demo facility

August 13, 2010

See the best CCTV equipment from leading manufacturers such as Bosch, JVC, Optelecom-NKF, Pelco, Samsung and Sanyo in a single location.

Distributor Controlware’s new demo facility at their UK offices in Newbury enables existing and new partners to see and trial different manufacturers CCTV equipment back to back.

Partner companies, installers, consultants and end users are able to arrange a visit and get a feel for the CCTV equipment and technologies they want to use in a working environment.

CCTV equipment from leading manufacturers such as Bosch, JVC, Optelecom-NKF, Pelco, Samsung and Sanyo, is available to see and trial live in action. Since the system is based around an open management platform different cameras and encoders can be monitored in the same system.

Behind the CCTV equipment there is also a range of networking equipment that forms the basis of the IP CCTV system. CCTV management platforms, CCTV cameras, CCTV encoder’s, network switches, routers and hubs as well as technologies such as IP, wireless, MPEG-4, H.264, Megapixel and HD all interact to provide one of the most advanced demo suites in the UK – coupled with the widest choice of CCTV equipment.

Anyone who wants to learn more about IP CCTV systems be they reseller, installer, consultant or end user is welcome to visit, discuss their requirements and technical questions with Controlware.

Arrange a visit by calling +44 (0)1635 884800 or email

Controlware Demo Suite

IP CCTV manufacturing plant – case study – Health and Safety, security and process control benefits

July 9, 2010

Steel plant benefits from IP CCTV system that improves proccess control, security and safety

New system IP based CCTV system for steelworks that produces over 5 million tones of steel a year, and is situated on a 35km square site employing up to 6000 people. As one of the world’s most technically advanced producers of high quality steel slab, plate and strip products the steelworks wanted to introduce CCTV to monitor production processes and to ensure Health and Safety policies were being followed.

Having looked at analogue, hybrid and IP based CCTV systems the steelworks selected an IP based system because it allowed them to easily integrate CCTV with their existing network and CCTV cameras while benefiting from cost-saving technologies such as PoE (Power over Ethernet), UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies), iSCSI recording through RAID arrays that provide a 100% fail proof redundancy and support for the latest megapixel CCTV camera resolution that is only available with IP cameras.

This system is based on the Controlware Cware management platform, further details about this project can be found here.

All you need for IP CCTV from one specialist distributor

May 15, 2010

CCTV cameras, encoders, software, recording systems, video analytics and networking equipment from leading brands

Controlware are a specialist distributor of IP CCTV and can assist with product selection, network design as well as CCTV VMS, recording systems and all the networking equipment you need from one place. With technology partners such as Axis, Bosch, JVC, Pelco, Samsung, Sanyo we can guide you through product options that suit your needs and provide all the networking equipment to make your system work.

Contact us today to understand how we can help CCTV benefit from IP.

Cware CCTV Video Management Software now available for mobile devices

February 25, 2010

Controlware brings the powerful Cware Video Management Software (VMS) to mobile devices enabling CCTV surveillance, camera management and control on the move.

The new Mobile Module for Cware VMS releases the power of CCTV from the confines of the control room and onto mobile phones and PDA’s. Security personnel, mobile patrols, emergency services, Loss Prevention and Facilities Managers can now benefit from secure access to their CCTV systems and get live and recorded CCTV surveillance at their fingertips. With Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) camera control remote surveillance and identification of suspects is faster and easier on the move.

The Mobile Module is client software that sits on a mobile phone or PDA and works by connecting to a Cware System Server over wireless networks or 3G / HSPDA mobile networks. Video images are then compressed with a Transcoding engine and high quality video is sent back to the remote users. Robust log-in encryption and user rights management help protect the network at all times preserving the integrity of the video data. Support for smart technologies such as motion detection, Video Analytics and ICN (Image Content Navigation) improves the management of CCTV and helps with site orientation and real-time tracking of suspects. Remote surveillance is fast and secure from CCTV cameras situated in multiple locations improving users response to incidents as they happen.

Cware Mobile enables CCTV control room operators to also distribute messages that include video links to mobile resources so that they are able to view live or recorded video from any camera. Mobile resources are able to receive alerts that contain image snapshots or videos of suspects, making correct identification more likely. Support for smart technologies such as motion detection, Video Analytics and ICN (Image Content Navigation) improves the management of CCTV and helps with site orientation and real-time tracking of suspects. Remote surveillance is fast and secure from CCTV cameras situated in multiple locations improving user’s response to incidents as they happen.

The bigger picture

Cware Mobile is ideal for a number of surveillance applications bringing all the power of live and recorded video to mobile devices and personnel regardless of geographic location. Emergency personnel, Loss Prevention and Facilities Managers benefit from Cware mobile when attending incidents or monitoring locations. They are able to send / receive video remotely and view and control cameras, improving their visibility of incidents and providing them with the means to make informed decisions out of control rooms. The same can be said for process monitoring applications for manufacturing sites where engineers are able to view and control cameras flexibly on the plant floor rather than from the CCTV control room.  Cware Mobile is also used to automatically enable remote entry to sites by confirming visitor identifications remotely.

Man guarding companies

For guarding companies protecting sites where alarms have been triggered Cware Mobile ensures that patrols on the ground are aware if intruders are present in buildings before entering the premises. Cware Mobile is used to connect to the internal cameras in the building and the mobile patrol can select which cameras, triggered alarms and recordings to view. If intruders are present video or image snap shots can be taken and the identifications of intruders can immediately be shared with other mobile patrols to ensure that trespassers are detained as soon as possible. Here, Cware Mobile provides advanced warning of intruders so that video can be sent or received on the move enabling alarms to be cleared or escalated. Guarding companies also use the software for lone worker checking services. When contact is lost with a lone worker a mobile patrol is often deployed, Cware mobile is able to access the internal cameras to ensure that lone workers are ok without the mobile patrol entering the building.

Covert Surveillance

Cware Mobile provides the ideal solution for covert surveillance under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) for Police, Local Authorities or Intelligence agencies. For example, in the case of directed surveillance where covert surveillance of individuals takes place in a public place for the purpose of a specific investigation or operation the covert officer is often remotely directed to the suspect by a commentary from the CCTV control room. Cware improves this process by empowering the officer on the ground so that he can easily identify suspects by receiving video snap shots or live video and even control cameras if necessary.

Visit Controlware at booth 7035, ISC West, March 23rd-26th to see the Cware Video Management Software platform and Mobile Module in action.

Open CCTV management software the best way forward for CCTV systems

February 11, 2010

It is plain to see that the CCTV market will embrace IP as the dominant technology for CCTV systems very soon. The next thing to examine is how the industry is able to quickly integrate IP into today’s new and existing installations.

One of the most attractive things about the IP-based open management platform is the ability to help migrate existing systems to IP without replacing existing infrastructure or the cost of upgrading relatively new components in order to get an attractive new feature. This is why one of Controlware’s fundamental approaches when working alongside partners is to make system design as modular as possible so that components can be integrated as and when required to meet operational requirements, phased project management or simply budgetary needs. By utilising an open management platform over the life of the project (be this one month, one year, 10 years) it allows us to work with partners to meet these requirements in a flexible and logical way.

It would be very difficult to achieve a project successfully if you were tied to a proprietary system because you would need to be able to ensure that you could get all the interoperable components over the lifetime of the system (How many times have we been involved with projects where a key component has gone end of life and the replacement isn’t similar at all?). The use of a proprietary solution could also force you to use inferior parts of that vendor’s overall system that don’t meet your requirements. Other vendors’ products would probably fit your needs much better but you can’t use them because you are held hostage by the very nature of selecting a proprietary system!

By taking the open management platform route the future is far easier. You can mix and match non-compatible edge devices from different manufacturers, you are free to choose which storage and recording hardware vendor you want to work with and also how storage is deployed in relation network topology to help with redundancy or resilience continuity planning. Also you can integrate other technology options including analytics or access control and actively manage migration of legacy systems to meet operational / budgetary requirements.  This is an example of how  Controlware works with its partners – We ensure that the operational requirement of the end user is met rather than just sell you tin.  In order to meet the needs of our customers and partners we work closely to ensure you don’t buy a square peg to fit a round hole – and have to live with the consequences.

If you would like to challenge Controlware to prove that open management can be just as cost effective as proprietary systems, provide a better service than analogue or allow you to enable an upgrade to IP without replacing your entire system then please contact Controlware or have a look at the Cware open management platform.

CCTV and intelligent object tracking

September 18, 2009

ICN (Image Content Navigation) addresses a major issue for the management of large video surveillance systems. When tracking a person or object around a site it is often difficult to keep up with the target. While a map based GUI interface (available with some CCTV management platforms) partially addresses this issue by illustrating camera locations on a map, it does not provide the means to track an object as it moves between areas covered by different cameras. Having to quickly remember camera names or identification numbers, especially if CCTV operators are unfamiliar with the site complicates this task further.

ICN solves this problem by connecting adjacent cameras together with an invisible mesh of hyperlinks. All the user has to do is ‘point and click’ on the hyperlink in the video to switch cameras and continue tracking, instantly navigating from one camera to another and keeping up with the object or person. Any number of video channels can benefit from ICN support even tracking of many objects in multiple views from both live and recorded video. ICN banishes slow response times and improves operator navigation. In the future this technology will develop further so that it is possible to tag an object allowing the surveillance system and cameras to automatically track objects as they make their way around monitored sites. ICN is available for the Cware management platform and supported on Cware’s Mobile Module to monitor, control and track video on Mobile .

If you think this technology can help you, to find out more or request a brochure click here.