All you need for IP CCTV from one specialist distributor

May 15, 2010

CCTV cameras, encoders, software, recording systems, video analytics and networking equipment from leading brands

Controlware are a specialist distributor of IP CCTV and can assist with product selection, network design as well as CCTV VMS, recording systems and all the networking equipment you need from one place. With technology partners such as Axis, Bosch, JVC, Pelco, Samsung, Sanyo we can guide you through product options that suit your needs and provide all the networking equipment to make your system work.

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Bosch Security products stock clearance – VIP X1 / X2 encoders

April 27, 2010

Huge cost savings on Bosch Video Encoders

*********STOCK CLEARANCE********

Controlware’s EXCLUSIVE sales prices represent massive savings- Get a quote here while limited stocks last!

VIP X2 Dual-channel encoder @ £465.29 (€ 535.00)
VIP X2 Dual-channel encoder with audio @ £503.27 (€ 580.00)
VIP X1 single-channel encoder with audio and PoE @ £370.33 (
€ 426.00)

Download VIP X1 data sheet

Download VIP X2 data sheet

  • High-quality MPEG 4 from QCIF to 4CIF
  • Up to 25/30 images per second on each channel
  • PAL and NTSC signals* Dual encoding
  • USB and iSCSI recording
  • Ultra-compact size
  • Bosch 2 year warranty

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