College benefit from advanced IP CCTV system that improves security and safety

October 13, 2009

Leading IP CCTV specialist Controlware with partners ntl:Telewest Business, has supplied an advanced security solution to The Oldham College that saves costs and delivers improved flexibility and video quality over their previous system.

The Oldham College is in the process of producing strategy that will see 70% of the college’s building portfolio being re-built with plans for a £70 million regeneration of their campus. The IT and Estates teams knew that their existing analogue system would not be good enough to provide the level of security they needed throughout the course of the campus redevelopment and into the future. An analogue solution would be expensive and inflexible as the cameras would need to be moved frequently during the redevelopment of the campus. They looked at IP solutions that could integrate with their IT network and enable cameras to be quickly redeployed around the campus as building work progresses.

Having fully examined the advanced IP CCTV solution at Warrington Collegiate, The Oldham College had no doubts about developing their system around Controlware’s Cware management platform and replacing their three old analogue systems with a single powerful platform.

Bob Leigh, Estates Manager for The Oldham College, who manages the security team, is extremely pleased with the improved quality and usability of the new solution. “Cware’s management interface is great and much easier to use than our old system, best of all the image quality is superb allowing security staff to really see what they are looking at, which we didn’t have before. Everyone who has seen the new solution says how impressed they are”.

From day one Cware was so easy to use that staff taught themselves how to use the system in hours and this has made the team more confident in managing security incidents. Reviewing archive video recordings and exporting video to DVD has also become much easier. Specific footage is easy to find and video export takes a few mouse clicks instead of a lengthy process that required the help of a network specialist in the past.

Costs savings have also been made. Jon Evans, IT Services Manager at The Oldham College explains that “Since IP CCTV is so flexible we don’t need to call in an external contractor to move cameras like we did before. The IT department can move a camera in 15 minutes when it would have taken an external contractor the best part of a day and cost the college £500. This also enables us to be proactive about security by moving cameras to potential hotspots in order to make the most of our resources”

The college can also take advantage of further cost savings from PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology which requires fewer cables to be run to cameras than traditional cabling. The network is also protected against power failure by UPS’s (Uninterruptable Power Supplies) that deliver increased resilience over analogue or hybrid based systems where each camera would rely on its own power supply.

“The IT and Estates teams at Oldham College can see that the Cware management platform delivers real benefits. The new integrated system improves security and support operations enabling students and teachers to feel more secure and confident in security as the college develops as a world-class learning facility.” said Mark Harraway, Country Manager for Controlware UK.

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The Oldham College

St Pancras International advanced CCTV solution

October 2, 2009

Prestigious larndmark benefits from integrated IP CCTV that improves flexibility and reduces costs

The £800m refurbishment and extension of St Pancras International is part of HS1, Britain’s first major rail project for over a century and the UK’s biggest ever construction project. Opened by the Queen in 2007 this prestigious landmark required an advanced CCTV solution to help protect staff, customers, and visitors to the station. Controlware won the contract on the basis of the advanced technical solution, integration expertise, and the proven ability to deliver large projects successfully.

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St Pancras

Interested in security? Join the CCTV Video, IP Technology & Solutions group on LinkedIn

September 3, 2009

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Discuss and learn about the latest IP CCTV security technologies, products, news and case studies. How converged solutions can deliver benefits – reducing crime, improving safety, loss prevention & saving costs for retail, government, transport etc.

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Runnymede Borough Council benefit from advanced CCTV recording and archive security solution

July 21, 2009

The Borough Council benefit from an advanced CCTV recording and archive solution from Controlware.

Community Safety Manager for Runnymede Borough Council, David Dodd said: “CCTV is an important weapon to help combat crime and the fear of crime. Controlware has been on hand to support us every step of the way with this important project that provides advanced IP video management, control and recording of CCTV from cameras situated around the Borough.”

Runnymede Borough Council was awarded the Public Sector Security award 2009 presented by Government Business magazine at a ceremony at The Emirates Stadium in London.

This award is presented to the Local Authority or Central Government building/refurbishment project that considers security as a prime concern and enhances the safety of staff, residents and visitors to the building through the installation of CCTV, monitoring, access control or other innovative security system.

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Runnymede benefit from advanced CCTV recording from Controlware

Runnymede benefit from advanced CCTV recording from Controlware

City wide solution, CCTV security surveillance for Ipswich

July 20, 2009

The advanced surveillance soluion includes cameras, IP codec’s and networked recording all managed by the powerful Cware management platform. CCTV operators monitor real-time video and search archive recordings from 185 cameras that cover businesses, public parks, transportation links and residential areas 24 hours per day.

Cware enables the use of new compression methods such as H.264 that provide higher video quality for faster identification of suspects. Cware also makes surveillance easier for operators and delivers some key advantages including the opportunity to integrate CCTV, Video Analytics and Access Control systems together in one platform.

The continued investment in advanced IP CCTV technology by Ipswich City Council illustrates their commitment to help reduce crime and the fear of crime, creating a safer living environment for all.

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CCTV control room at Ipswich Council

CCTV control room at Ipswich Council

Is an IP CCTV system easy to use?

June 26, 2009

IP surveillance systems are easy to use. Users benefit from fast access to control cameras, monitor live video and review archive recordings from anywhere in the world. Little training is required because the systems are so easy to use.

In addition, through the use of open protocol video management systems IP CCTV now has the ability to integrate with other applications such as access control and building management systems to provide unified control through one simple console.

A college has an IP CCTV system that monitors their campus and the The IT Manager says that

The IP CCTV system is flexible, easy to use and delivers exceptional image quality. With the necessary permissions CCTV can be monitored from multiple locations both on and off campus. The system can also easily be extended by adding new cameras…..”

By adopting IP CCTV everyone will benefit from banishing low quality, slow and unresponsive video for good, allowing high quality, fast and intelligent video solutions.

Whereas traditional CCTV video only told you half the story, IP CCTV can now put you firmly in the picture, improving safety and security, cutting costs and improving operations.

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Grand Prix CCTV Security from Controlware

June 21, 2009

Advanced Cware management software helps protect Grand Prix

An IP CCTV solution based around the advanced Cware management platform helps to improve security for the public, stadium staff, and racing teams at the Bahrain International Circuit, home to the recent Bahrain Grand Prix. To find out more about the solution please click here.