Key reasons to select IP CCTV in 2010 #2 Resilience

January 20, 2010

Here we look at the key drivers for selecting IP over analogue, and what people should be aware of when looking at specifying CCTV projects.


IP based solutions can give you the power to have a zero point of failure through the use of industry standard architecture such as SMART, RAID, iSCSI, multiple controllers, network interfaces and also through using good system design to have failover and multiple pathways / switching.  When this is linked through software features such as SNMP and “heartbeat” monitoring, end users or the systems integrators supporting them can be made aware of any problems before serious service effecting issues or loss of footage occur.  This level of redundancy or failover can be further enhanced by the use of video management software features such as disaster recovery so that even in the event of a major incident or accident systems can be up and running in minutes even in completely different control rooms in different geographical areas.

Previously we have spoken specifically about the cost advantages of IP over analogue systems. If you would like to read these arguments and a detailed cost breakdown then please drop us an email at or visit

Also if you would like to challenge Controlware to prove that IP can be just as cost effective, provide a better service than analogue or allow you to enable an upgrade to IP without replacing your entire system then please contact us.