Integrated security: The future of CCTV and Access Control?

August 7, 2011

The vast majority of functionalities across security systems are common. So, why are you still working with multiple independent systems?

The Security Center blends Genetec’s IP ANPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition), CCTV video surveillance, and access control systems, AutoVu, Omnicast and Synergis, within a single innovative solution.

Break free from running multiple client applications, or working with cluttered desktops. You no longer have to deal with inefficiencies that result from inconsistent workflows and limited integrated functionality.

Instead, you can experience the simple and compelling performance of an ultra-modern solution. The Security Center offers you a single unified interface designed around simplicity of operation.

The unified security platform will streamline every facet of managing your business, physical security and public safety applications. It’s simply that powerful.

Key Features

Unified Security Interface: The Security Desk is the unified user interface of the Security Center. Its compelling design and innovative task-based approach allow you to efficiently control and monitor multiple security and public safety applications.

Distributed Client-Server Architecture: Benefit from high configuration flexibility with the Security Center. Distribute services and client applications across several servers or off-the-shelf workstations.

Scalable Multi-Site Monitoring: Unify multiple independent video and access control systems under a single virtual system with the Federation feature. Federate hundreds or thousands of remote systems for city-wide surveillance and managed central monitoring services.

Active Directory Integration: Centralize management and synchronization of Windows user accounts with the Security Center’s user and cardholder accounts. Provide single sign-on capabilities and ensure newly created Windows users automatically inherit the proper physical building access rights

Centralized Alarm Management: Avoid the traditional approach of separate alarm monitoring applications with unsynchronized data for your different security systems. Configure, monitor and respond to alarms for your entire security environment.

Multi-Tenant Functionality: Segment operations per tenant or managed services account, and assign privileges per site with the Partioning feature. Give individual site managers or tenants their own sites to manage in parallel to any centralized monitoring.

Visual Tracking: Switch from one camera to an adjacent camera within a viewing tile when tracking a suspect, either in real-time or playback mode.

Genetec Software Development Kit (SDK): Integrate building management systems, enterprise resource planning systems, intrusion detection systems or develop custom business applications with the Security Center’s open SDK.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities: Generate a variety of integrated LPR, video and access control reports without the use of external third-party reporting tools.

For more information about the Security Center download the Security Center brochure.

If you have any questions or would like systems requirement info, supported hardware etc. or need help specifying the right management system to meet your needs call us on 0844 225 9 225 or email Controlware for expert advice.

Siqura (ex Optelecom NKF) overstock product offers

April 21, 2011

As leading IP based CCTV distributors Controlware are able to supply the entire Siqura product range and have a number of overstock products available.

Siqura logo

Siqura who recently changed their name from Optelecom NKF after a merger with TKH Group are committed to providing competitively priced products that are highly reliable.

Controlware add value to the range by providing outstanding technical advice and support along with the best prices available in the UK.

Contact or call 0844 225 9 225 to find out more

CCTV over fibre

The Siqura fibre range supports both point-to-point and optical add/drop CWDM topologies.

The fibre products support fibre to IP conversion while plug and play installation, hot-swappable connectors and remote health monitoring make them extremely user friendly.

Click below to find out more about Siqura’s CCTV fibre range

MC Series – single and multi-channel CCTV video over fibre products

9000 Series – single and multi channel video over fibre products

CCTV Encoders

Siqura CCTV encoders and decoders are field-hardened to survive extreme temperatures and support MJPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and H.264 video options.

Designed using open streaming architecture (OSA) standards they are compatible with all the leading third-party VMS systems. Encoder options include integrated audio, data, digital input/outputs and can use either an RJ-45 or SFP connector to streamline CCTV surveillance.

Find out more about Siqura encoders here.

All you need for IP CCTV from ONE distributor
Controlware is your one-stop-shop for CCTV products, equipment and networking systems. We can provide all you need for IP CCTV including CCTV cameras, Encoders, Video Servers, Fibre extenders, CCTV management platforms, ANPR, Access Control, Switches, routers, hubs, servers and PC’s.
To find out more click here.
Value added services – how Controlware can help you…..

Controlware can not only provide IP based CCTV products and networking kit but can assist with network design, consultancy, commissioning and support services. For more information click here.

Experience is important when selecting a distribution partner; Controlware has vast experience in supporting partners to develop IP CCTV systems. To review some of our work with partners click here

The First Direct to Fibre IP CCTV PTZ Camera available from Controlware

January 25, 2011

Improve quality while reducing costs

There are few media available in the video surveillance industry that improve image quality while at the same time reducing costs. Yet fiber optic networks do just that. They also maintain the integrity of signals over longer distances and offer more bandwidth than twisted-pair or coax cables. Not to mention that fiber cabling is impervious to electromagnetic interference, such as that caused by high-voltage power lines and lightning.

Due to the ubiquitous nature and the advantages of fiber optic networks, as well as the current migration from analog to IP streaming, Optelecom-NKF is now offering its Siqura IP PTZ dome cameras with a fiber optic connector option. With a flexible SFP interface built into the PTZ body, a wide range of single mode, multimode, and CDWM modules can be used and an impressive range of mounting options are available.

“Network equipment being developed today needs to be able to handle IP traffic, regardless of the medium connecting it to the network,” said Roger Decker, Director of Solutions and Marketing at Optelecom-NKF. “That is why Optelecom-NKF recently developed five new IP PTZ dome cameras that can connect directly to a fixed network or wireless bridge via either twisted-pair or fiber optic cabling. We want customers to be able to select hardware based on its ability to withstand variances on the network and to provide high-quality streams.”

A solution for every situation

This new camera line consists of five cameras, each optimized for its application, with indoor, outdoor, compact (MSD), and high-speed (HSD) dome camera options. Each camera is capable of quad-streaming, supporting dual H.264 streams in addition to highly configurable MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and MJPEG. This flexibility in compression standards makes it easy for these Siqura cameras to offer the best quality video while at the same time streamlining network performance.

All the Siqura cameras are designed to comply with worldwide adopted standards and are tested with leading VMS vendors. This makes it possible to query or set PTZ coordinate positions or to integrate Siqura cameras into third-party systems. Furthermore, the new Siqura IP PTZ camera line comes with an easy-to-use, access-controlled, Web-based user interface, allowing users to configure or view video streams from a PC or even via handheld devices, such as PDAs.

Since surveillance conditions can vary widely even for just one camera, this Siqura IP PTZ camera series also includes a day/night (IR-cut filter) and backlight compensation as standard features that can be applied manually or automatically when lighting conditions require it. The wide dynamic range functionality ensures excellent video quality, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Additionally, the Siqura HSD and MSD cameras are part of the Siqura product line, an extensive collection of video surveillance equipment offering complete solutions and reputed for quality and reliability.

For more information and to see the new cameras live contact Controlware on 0844 225 9 225.

Holiday seasons greetings from Controlware

December 24, 2010


Controlware wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Seasons greetings from Controlware UK

2010 has been a busy and successful year in which we have provided a number of new and extensions to existing CCTV systems.

All of the projects we have been involved with have benefited from our extensive experience as a technology leader for IP based CCTV systems allowing us to advise which products and configurations are best suited for each project. In this way we have worked closely with users and installers, clarifying technical specifications and helping to develop integrated solutions that meet Operational Requirements by not only delivering high quality video images but the latest recording and management features too.

The latest CCTV research by Frost & Sullivan, IMS, MBD and others is forecasting that IP is the future for CCTV and that IP technology will drive future growth. We have spoken many times about the benefits of IP CCTV prompting industry-wide debate most notably with “The true cost of IP CCTV” in which we challenged Mike Newton’s (Dedicated Micros CEO) claims that IP CCTV was expensive and unreliable. A series of follow up articles including “CCTV Video Image Quality is Everything” and “Is IP cost competitive?” led to more debate both online in theLinkedin forums, on the Controlware Blog and in print.

As we look to continued growth in the New Year I would like to thank you for your support in 2010 and wish you and your families every happiness this Christmas on behalf of the Controlware team.

Best Wishes & season’s greetings,




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From the afternoon of the 24th December to 4th January 2011

The sales and marketing office is closed

The support desk remains contactable on the out of hours number for 24/7 support as normal.

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CCTV technology can help end football goal-line controversy

August 9, 2010

As anticipation for the new FA Barclays Premier League season builds the competition is set to kick off against the controversial backdrop of refereeing decisions throughout the summers FIFA World Cup finals.

No refereeing decision is more prominent in a nation’s mind than England’s disallowed goal against Germany sparking much debate and hype about the installation of ‘Hawkeye’ style systems in football stadiums. According to one report this would come at a cost of £300,000 per stadium.

“Not so,” states Melvyn Wray, Senior VP of Product Marketing EMEA at Allied Telesis.  “Working with our partners and leading IP security distributors Controlware, an effective and reliable monitoring service could be in place for a figure more like £30,000 – £50,000 tops.”

There are three methods of goal surveillance a stadium could select. The first is to embed mini CCTV cameras into the goalmouth framework setting off an alarm if anything crosses the line. Alternatively, the CCTV cameras could be situated at the back corners of the net offering wider coverage. The most sophisticated would be the use of Red Scan, which uses infra-red for motion detection, is extremely detailed and has a focused spread beam that triggers an alarm when anything breaks the beam.  With all these scenarios, once the alarm is triggered the image can be sent directly to a hand held PDA for the referee, or to the fourth official, over the stadium’s network cabling.

“This is not new technology,” comments Mark Harraway, Country Manager Controlware UK, “and it has been used effectively in other sports for sometime. In test match cricket there is a camera embedded in the middle stump and for a fast a furious sport such as Ice Hockey goalmouth cameras are essential. Now the time has come, if debacles such as the one in Bloemfontein are to be avoided, for such systems to be deployed in football.”

Reliability and resilience will be essential on a match day, especially as the system may not be used for weeks on end, which is why Controlware has based it offering on Allied Telesis technology. Using x900 and 8000 series switches and HD IP Cameras and Cware VMS software enables Controlware to provide stadia with efficient control systems using multi channel video and CCTV at a cost effective level.  “Due to the unique way that Allied Telesis switches are able to handle network video we find that the Allied Telesis network products can handle everything that our customers want to put through them where other higher priced offerings have failed,” added Harraway.

The installation of such a system would also open up the possibility of add-ons which could enhance the fans experience and provide extra revenue potential. Using this technology it would be possible to continually stream live video of a match to the personal PDAs or smart phones of those in the crowd so that, should play move away from their field of view, they would not miss any of the action.  This could be made available on a subscription basis, generating additional funds.

“The technology is available and proven and does not have to carry a price that would make it an economically unsound investment,” concludes Wray.

For more information contact Controlware –

Optelecom-NKF Siqura CCTV camera range now available at Controlware

July 16, 2010

From Canada to Kabul and from oil rigs to casinos, Optelecom-NKF’s Siqura surveillance solutions are steadily working to keep the populace of our planet safe and sound. Whenever and wherever you need to secure a situation and protect people, there is a Siqura IP, fiber optic, or hybrid video network system to meet all your requirements, even under the most taxing conditions.

Click below to review the comprehensive range of high-quality Siqura CCTV cameras available from Controlware.


IP CCTV manufacturing plant – case study – Health and Safety, security and process control benefits

July 9, 2010

Steel plant benefits from IP CCTV system that improves proccess control, security and safety

New system IP based CCTV system for steelworks that produces over 5 million tones of steel a year, and is situated on a 35km square site employing up to 6000 people. As one of the world’s most technically advanced producers of high quality steel slab, plate and strip products the steelworks wanted to introduce CCTV to monitor production processes and to ensure Health and Safety policies were being followed.

Having looked at analogue, hybrid and IP based CCTV systems the steelworks selected an IP based system because it allowed them to easily integrate CCTV with their existing network and CCTV cameras while benefiting from cost-saving technologies such as PoE (Power over Ethernet), UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies), iSCSI recording through RAID arrays that provide a 100% fail proof redundancy and support for the latest megapixel CCTV camera resolution that is only available with IP cameras.

This system is based on the Controlware Cware management platform, further details about this project can be found here.