Poor quality CCTV prevents ID of London looters

August 9, 2011

It is a pity that poor picture quality from the many CCTV systems in London is affecting the positive identification of looters. For the police to just release 15 images today is surely a reflection of this.

Furthermore the burning of so many buildings has destroyed the CCTV systems – this could have been avoided had the CCTV systems considered resilience in their design. If resilience had been considered when these systems were designed the video images would have been recorded off site and would have been valuable evidence for the identification and prosecution of the arsonists.

CCTV as ever is all about the image quality and we take a closer look at the benefits that IP based CCTV can bring along with Megapixel cameras that improve image quality in the article “CCTV image Quality is everything”.


Is CCTV regulation a step in the right direction?

January 7, 2010

While becoming more delivery and standards focused could be seen as a step in the right direction, it seems the Government is in need of broader and more in-depth expert knowledge to address the key concerns over image quality and the technical direction of the CCTV market as it accelerates towards IP.  This would then allow for influencing the creation of a robust standard or else they face the risk of creating a standard which will be outdate by the time it is issued.

Controlware Country Manager Mark Harraway comments on the news that the UK Government has announced the creation of a CCTV Oversight body and interim CCTV regulator.

Please click here to read the complete article. To find out more about the new Government Oversight Body or if you would like to discuss the OR / Functionality / Budget triangle – visit the Linkedin CCTV discussion forum or email me at video@controlware.co.uk.