How to evolve CCTV Security and integrate legacy systems

September 23, 2009

The Cware video management solution can integrate seamlessly with deployed legacy technology.  Cware enables the utilisation of new and advanced technology in parallel with existing systems.

By deploying Cware video management centralisation of disparate, legacy systems (CCTV, access control, fire alarm etc) with a centrally managed control centre protects original investments whilst ensuring focus on the future, not compounding the problem by adding more legacy infrastructure.

The Cware system evolves as requirements and services develop, improving staff productivity and overall safety. This offers greater efficiency and increased control.  The centralised model of security enables vastly improved staffing resource as separate control rooms are no longer needed.

Due to intelligent network architecture service resilience is much higher than with a traditional analogue solution.  In addition, improving flexibility and innovation is also possible by providing services for specific groups often making the monitoring of remote sites easier and more effective.

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Developing an integrated security environment with CCTV, Access control and Intruder Systems

September 22, 2009

The key to success in tackling ongoing security risks is to ensure that the technology can meet the demands placed upon it. Providing a reliable, effective, integrated solution into the hands of competent and well trained security staff can result in real world reductions in crime and safety.

Controlware are constantly examining, testing and developing new state-of-the-art technologies to ensure that these challenges are met. These developments provide new and innovative ways in which security can be applied and integrated within our CCTV Security management platform, Cware. This allows for a more flexible, efficient system with increased control and capabilities.

Cware is an advanced IP based video management and Networked Video Recording (NVR) platform that makes control of surveillance networks simpler and more effective than ever before.

Based on open standards architecture Cware provides the freedom to create integrated surveillance networks. Support for a range of manufacturers cameras and encoders ensure investment protection for existing network equipment and integration with new products and technologies in the future.

An advanced user-friendly interface that can be customized to meet individual requirements enables simultaneous access to live and recorded video making it easy for all levels of security personnel to operate and control the system. Comprehensive video management, on screen display, alarm, recording and playback features deliver support for limitless cameras, recording servers and operator workstations. Advanced features such as Image Content Navigation (ICN) and 2.5D Live Maps provide unrivalled video interaction, innovating the way locations are monitored.

Highly flexible and cost-effective architecture enables Cware to easily manage single or multiple locations and all sizes of installation, supporting thousands of cameras. A modular approach utilising common PC, networking and storage hardware, provides a platform for endless scalability, without requiring full and costly system upgrades. The number of cameras, clients and storage capacity can be increased with ease and by supporting a high level of system redundancy disruption to security operations is minimized.

Having supplied thousands of solutions through a worldwide network of channel partner’s, real world experience is at the heart of Cware development. Based on flexible architecture, boasting advanced features and designed specifically for the user Cware delivers all the advantages of a next generation management platform today.

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Cware management platform

Cware management platform

CCTV and intelligent object tracking

September 18, 2009

ICN (Image Content Navigation) addresses a major issue for the management of large video surveillance systems. When tracking a person or object around a site it is often difficult to keep up with the target. While a map based GUI interface (available with some CCTV management platforms) partially addresses this issue by illustrating camera locations on a map, it does not provide the means to track an object as it moves between areas covered by different cameras. Having to quickly remember camera names or identification numbers, especially if CCTV operators are unfamiliar with the site complicates this task further.

ICN solves this problem by connecting adjacent cameras together with an invisible mesh of hyperlinks. All the user has to do is ‘point and click’ on the hyperlink in the video to switch cameras and continue tracking, instantly navigating from one camera to another and keeping up with the object or person. Any number of video channels can benefit from ICN support even tracking of many objects in multiple views from both live and recorded video. ICN banishes slow response times and improves operator navigation. In the future this technology will develop further so that it is possible to tag an object allowing the surveillance system and cameras to automatically track objects as they make their way around monitored sites. ICN is available for the Cware management platform and supported on Cware’s Mobile Module to monitor, control and track video on Mobile .

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Job Advert: CCTV Technical Support Manager

July 22, 2009

Controlware are leading providers of IP CCTV video surveillance software and solutions. Driven by our commitment and investment in leading edge technology and people, this is an opportunity for you to join one of the UK’s most progressive security solution providers.

With an expanding client portfolio Controlware are committed to the provision of best value solutions while maintaining our reputation for delivering the highest levels of quality and service. As a proven and trusted leader in the security industry Controlware are looking for a professional and motivated individual to manage our technical support engineers based in Newbury.

The Job

Our team of Technical Support Engineers provide troubleshooting and resolution to distributors, systems integrators and end users who have medium to large IP-based surveillance systems.  Reporting to the UK General Manager, the Technical Support Manager’s role is primarily office-based with some field activities.

The Person

You will be a positive, ambitious and enthusiastic team player who is interested in working with the latest cutting edge video surveillance technology.  A technical background in IT is a must, as well as experience of working with data networking and IP video surveillance or CCTV technology.  Previous experience of managing a small support team and working to SLA’s and deadlines is a prerequisite.

Technical Skills

  • Proficient in IP networking covering LAN and WAN hardware configuration
  • Thorough understanding of IT networking technologies
  • Thorough understanding of Network Hardware and Configuration & Support including Switches, Routers & Firewalls
  • Thorough understanding of Windows Operating System (specifically Windows XP and Server 2003 including installation, troubleshooting and management)
  • Ability to diagnose complex problems and resolve them in an expeditious manner to the customer’s satisfaction
  • Experience of working within the CCTV industry

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City wide solution, CCTV security surveillance for Ipswich

July 20, 2009

The advanced surveillance soluion includes cameras, IP codec’s and networked recording all managed by the powerful Cware management platform. CCTV operators monitor real-time video and search archive recordings from 185 cameras that cover businesses, public parks, transportation links and residential areas 24 hours per day.

Cware enables the use of new compression methods such as H.264 that provide higher video quality for faster identification of suspects. Cware also makes surveillance easier for operators and delivers some key advantages including the opportunity to integrate CCTV, Video Analytics and Access Control systems together in one platform.

The continued investment in advanced IP CCTV technology by Ipswich City Council illustrates their commitment to help reduce crime and the fear of crime, creating a safer living environment for all.

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CCTV control room at Ipswich Council

CCTV control room at Ipswich Council

Who are Controlware and what can the Cware CCTV management platform deliver?

July 15, 2009

Controlware offer users of CCTV a unique and fresh approach to management of surveillance systems with the Cware advanced management platform.  Cware is based on Controlware’s 25 years experience in networking communications and 10 years experience in digital IP CCTV solutions.  With customers across virtually all vertical markets including St Pancras International, Charles de Gaulle Airport, North Lanarkshire Council, Bahrain Grand Prix and many more Cware is a proven solution for medium to large CCTV networks.

Cware introduces ICN (Image Content Navigation) that allows security operators to easily track people and vehicles around locations without having to memorize cameras identities, names and numbers. Another revolutionary feature is 2.5D Live Video Maps that provides a unique alternative to the traditional fixed size multi-map tools commonly found in video management applications. These intelligent interactive navigation tools improve operator orientation, shorten response times and contribute to enhance the efficiency of surveillance operations.

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Take a closer look at the true cost of CCTV security systems

July 14, 2009

Two opposing articles from different sides of the fence outline the pros and cons for analogue / hybrid and IP based CCTV systems.

Mike Newton, CEO, Dedicated Micros argues for analogue / hybrid systems while Mark Harraway, Country manager, Controlware argues that IP based systems deliver more benefits. The debate further centres on costing a 750 camera system.

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