CCTV video released of fatal cash machine raid

November 17, 2009

CCTV footage has been released of the moment that raiders broke into a supermarket to get at cash inside a cash machine.

Minutes later one of the raiders can clearly be seen using an angle grinder to get at the cash. Although alerted that a robbery was taking place police arrived too late to stop the raiders getting away.

In this instance Intelligent Video Analytics could have helped raise the alarm much sooner.  By constructing invisible trip wires in the video security personnel or police could have been warned the moment the raiders entered the store. In this way  Intelligent Video Analytics linked to a flexible open management platform could have helped the CCTV become more proactive.

The break in happened in the town of Driel, Netherlands but the raid ended in tragedy for the robbers when a traffic accident was reported in nearby Maarsbergen. When police arrived at the scene they found five men in the car, which also contained a substantial amount of cash covered in security dye. The men who are all British were taken to hospital where 3 have since died of injuries received.

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