Upgrading CCTV from analogue to IP is easy with encoders

April 1, 2011

Encoders – the easy way to move CCTV to IP

Encoders convert analogue CCTV to IP video and provide an easy way to upgrade your analogue to IP. You can acquire all the benefits that digital technology offers while retaining your investment in your system.

As leading value-added distributors of IP CCTV products and systems Controlware provide a wide range of product options to suit all requirements and budgets together with the advice and support to future-proof your CCTV.





Axis encoders combine high quality video encoding with a low cost per channel making them an extremely attractive choice. Axis encoders are ideal for bandwidth efficient, high density encoding requirements.

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Bosch provides a range of new H.264 highly single channel and multi-channel video encoders. Bosch encoders combine high reliability, optional video analytics and all the components for a complete end to end solution.

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Siqura by Optelecom-NKF




Siqura by Optelecom-NKF encoders provide single channel and multi-channel encoders built for tough environments and temperature ranges. The range includes video encoders, flexible install options such as CCTV over fibre and modular switches that are all housed in a universal chassis.

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Need help selecting the right encoder for you?

Controlware has been at the forefront of IP systems for more than a decade. During this time we have developed our value added services to assist installers and integrators. Technical services including specification, system design and support ensures that you benefit from the best technical solution at the right price point.

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IP CCTV Aéroports de Paris case study

January 29, 2010

IP CCTV transmission delivers increased flexibility and reduces costs for one of the largest CCTV networks in Europe

Aéroports de Paris Group are Europe’s second largest airport group, managing airports, and aerodromes including Paris-Orly, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, and Paris-Le Bourget. As the airport authority for the Paris region, Aéroports de Paris view security operations as an integral part of their customer services and ensure a high level of security to safeguard passengers, airline companies and partners. In 2003 Aéroports de Paris embarked on an ambitious CCTV upgrade programme to improve the level of security and safety throughout their airports that still continues today. The superior video quality that the IP solution provides was a primary reason for Aéroports de Paris to establish a long-term partnership with Controlware.

Aéroports de Paris monitor high quality video from 14 airports. Since 2003 Controlware has assisted Aéroports de Paris with the evolution and expansion of their IP transmission network and to date have supplied over 5,000 video ports helping to create one of the largest ever integrated IP CCTV networks in Europe.

Carmelo Musumeci, Country Manager for Controlware Continental Europe, adds that ”The flexibility and scalability of the solution provides easy integration with existing CCTV equipment and this is especially important in the context of large-scale and evolving projects like Aéroports de Paris.”

The integrated IP CCTV system enables Aéroports de Paris to constantly monitor, record and manage video from thousands of cameras at any location on their network and to operate a crisis centre that can be used in case of emergencies. By using a single infrastructure costs can be saved; multiple operators are able to access, share and view live and recorded video without having to be onsite; remote control of PTZ cameras provides increased flexibility and there is virtually unlimited storage capacity for archived video. The integration opportunities are also much greater for IP solutions. By integrating the surveillance platform with access control or building management systems the creation of a single unified management and control platform is possible ensuring the safety of staff, passangers and visitors to the airport.

To download a more detailed case study and to view others click here.

Growth spurs new Tech Support Manager

November 12, 2009

Controlware announce the appointment of Mark Ashbolt as Technical Support Manager

Leading IP CCTV specialists and Value Added Distributors Controlware have appointed Mark Ashbolt as Technical Support Manager. Mark brings over 15 years technical experience to the role and will be responsible for managing UK support operations.

Prior to joining Controlware, Mark was most recently IT Manager at the Halcrow Group where he was responsible for managing a team that supported over 600 users. At Controlware, Mark is responsible for the management of all Customer Support operations including the Help Desk and onsite Technical Field Engineers. He is currently managing the transition of the company’s traditional Help Desk to an integrated Service Support model based around the introduction of procedures that will streamline operations to assist all areas of the business.

Customer focused support services

Mark and his team provide expert Technical Support for Controlware’s existing customers and new surveillance projects that can range from a few cameras to thousands across multiple sites. Having provided support services for more than 20 years Controlware engineers have a reputation for providing exceptional technical assistance enabling service contracts to be tailored to exact requirements for individual products or complete solutions. In this way the Controlware support team can help make CCTV more effective than before through regular firmware updates, configuration management and maintenance checks.

As the primary UK Technical support team for Controlware’s Cware open management platform the team also has expert strength in depth to deal with the most technical of enquires. The Cware open management platform enables users to benefit from integrated surveillance and recording solutions. Based on open standards Cware supports integration with leading vendor codec’s and cameras, external systems such as access control, video analytics and intruder alarms as well as technologies such as H.264. Systems based on the Cware management platform are future-proofed and provide a real-world return on investment for users, reseller and integration partners.

“We are pleased to welcome Mark Ashbolt to Controlware and are already seeing the benefit of having someone with his extensive experience on board,” said Mark Harraway, Country Manager, Controlware UK. “Mark has joined us during a period of extremely strong growth both in staff and customer numbers and we look forward to his input as we continue to evolve and expand our support services. “

Rapid growth of IP based CCTV

Mark Ashbolt’s career began with the RAF providing support for flight simulators before leaving to join the private sector. Having spent the majority of his career in management roles for the likes of IBM where he managed a multi-lingual Pan European team Mark Ashbolt is looking forward to this new role assisting Controlware’s integrator and reseller customer base especially at this time of exciting growth for the company.

“I am looking forward to helping Controlware meet the growing demand for IP based security systems in the industry at this exciting time and aim to ensure that the support team continues to provide the highest levels of support for our customers.”

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Mark Ashbolt joins Controlware

The importance of vocational training for CCTV

November 11, 2009

Mike Tennent of Tavcom Training sets out the final part of his response to Mark Harraway of Controlware’s “Dont Go Hybrid”  article.

The security systems industry is one of exceptional challenge and reward. At Tavcom, we believe that the key to a successful future career in the sector lies with our special brand of vocational training – a careful blend and balance of classroom theory and ‘hands on’ practical experience that reinforces knowledge based learning. In a fast paced technological world we are not ashamed to state that some ‘old fashioned’ tried and tested methods of teaching still remain the best. In short, ‘Tell me and I will listen’, ‘Show me and I will observe’ and ‘Let me do it to demonstrate that I have learned’ are the maxims by which Tavcom’s team of experienced tutors continues to operate. Tavcom’s total independence of individual manufacturers or suppliers is fundamental to the success of training as students are able to observe and compare a selection of products side by side. This allows them to develop informed opinions of competing systems and support the choices and recommendations made within the workplace. In accordance with the sentiments expressed in this article, Tavcom’s policy is to utilise only equipment that is current and in general use – neither fully redundant nor excessively futuristic – for students to hone their skills.

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Flexible system design is key for CCTV ROI

November 10, 2009

IP is here and offers more than hybrid or analogue systems. So Mark Harraway argues here. Mike Tennent of Tavcom Training sets out the next part of his response below.

The sensible answer to all these issues (concering analogue, hybrid and IP technology) is for us to encourage progress and quality whilst coming to terms with the equipment we actually have available and using that to design cost effective solutions for the security and surveillance needs of clients that are both backwardly and forwardly compatible. Whatever the systems employed, the paramount consideration is to provide image quality that can be measured on a repeatable basis and will meet the expectations of the discerning user and the professional commissioning engineer.

In this way, system designs and installations should never need to come under the critical, eagle eyes of the expert witnesses! Tavcom’s consultants will not mind losing that strand of business if systems are working efficiently for the benefit of people and property.

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Can you compare IP CCTV to CB radio?

November 9, 2009

IP is here and offers more than hybrid or analogue systems. So Mark Harraway argues here. Mike Tennent of Tavcom Training sets out the next part of his response below.

Progress for the CCTV industry is still in an embryonic state and we must ensure that we do not stifle positive technological advancements by insisting that one form of protocol is the only way forward. We cannot foresee the future and it may therefore be that IP itself may be destined to enjoy only a very limited life span. Alternative means of getting better quality, more manageable CCTV images from A to B in faster and cheaper ways are almost certain to appear. How many of you happen to remember the surge and equally fast decline of CB radio that we experienced many moons ago? History has a way of repeating itself.

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HD can improve the quality of CCTV

November 5, 2009

Mike Tennent of Tavcom Training sets out the next part of his response to Controlware’s Mark Harraway argument that IP is here and offers more than hybrid or analogue systems. 

In the face of this Beauty and Beast IP conundrum there is a very strong case for enterprising suppliers and integrators to provide hybrid security solutions for their clients. Cost effective systems can be deployed – and sensible Operational Requirements achieved – by using the best of the client’s existing equipment whilst bringing the control and management of the scheme ‘bang up to date’.

For example, I am aware of the new technology from JVC that enables the use of High Definition (HD) cameras across existing coaxial cable runs and produces quite stunning real time pictures of 25 to 30 images per second over 500 metres or so. This sort of innovative design thinking will save the user thousands of pounds, dollars or yen because, when using this system, there is only a need to upgrade to HD technology when the picture quality being produced by conventional cameras fails to meet a specific need.

HD is upon us and it will be commonly available in the 16:9 format in the blink of an eye. That, of course, means we will require even MORE bandwidth for IP solutions, even more storage space for the recorded images although – if we don’t compress or manipulate the CCTV images any more than we do nowadays with the resultant alarming reduction in picture quality – there will certainly be a marked improvement in imagery!

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