Integrated security: The future of CCTV and Access Control?

August 7, 2011

The vast majority of functionalities across security systems are common. So, why are you still working with multiple independent systems?

The Security Center blends Genetec’s IP ANPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition), CCTV video surveillance, and access control systems, AutoVu, Omnicast and Synergis, within a single innovative solution.

Break free from running multiple client applications, or working with cluttered desktops. You no longer have to deal with inefficiencies that result from inconsistent workflows and limited integrated functionality.

Instead, you can experience the simple and compelling performance of an ultra-modern solution. The Security Center offers you a single unified interface designed around simplicity of operation.

The unified security platform will streamline every facet of managing your business, physical security and public safety applications. It’s simply that powerful.

Key Features

Unified Security Interface: The Security Desk is the unified user interface of the Security Center. Its compelling design and innovative task-based approach allow you to efficiently control and monitor multiple security and public safety applications.

Distributed Client-Server Architecture: Benefit from high configuration flexibility with the Security Center. Distribute services and client applications across several servers or off-the-shelf workstations.

Scalable Multi-Site Monitoring: Unify multiple independent video and access control systems under a single virtual system with the Federation feature. Federate hundreds or thousands of remote systems for city-wide surveillance and managed central monitoring services.

Active Directory Integration: Centralize management and synchronization of Windows user accounts with the Security Center’s user and cardholder accounts. Provide single sign-on capabilities and ensure newly created Windows users automatically inherit the proper physical building access rights

Centralized Alarm Management: Avoid the traditional approach of separate alarm monitoring applications with unsynchronized data for your different security systems. Configure, monitor and respond to alarms for your entire security environment.

Multi-Tenant Functionality: Segment operations per tenant or managed services account, and assign privileges per site with the Partioning feature. Give individual site managers or tenants their own sites to manage in parallel to any centralized monitoring.

Visual Tracking: Switch from one camera to an adjacent camera within a viewing tile when tracking a suspect, either in real-time or playback mode.

Genetec Software Development Kit (SDK): Integrate building management systems, enterprise resource planning systems, intrusion detection systems or develop custom business applications with the Security Center’s open SDK.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities: Generate a variety of integrated LPR, video and access control reports without the use of external third-party reporting tools.

For more information about the Security Center download the Security Center brochure.

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Building an integrated security system: Access Control

September 25, 2009

Implementing a simple access control solution on its own provides little benefit if a member of staff or the public hold a door open for a non-authorised person to enter a secure building.   By integrating Access Control with CCTV it is possible to detect events automatically using Video Analytics and issue alarms to security staff in real-time.

Access Control could also be used to manage site access as a whole enabling secure out of hours availability of restricted areas.  An example could be the issuing of  security passes that restrict certian groups to specific areas for example a pass that provides access to the car parking facilities and so on.

With the CCTV system recording video across the site as a whole, it is important that the Access Control is tightly integrated within this.  By combining the functions of Access Control and CCTV, the system can become much more effective in ensuring that areas of sensitivity are not breached.  This can be realised by automatic alarms that alert operators to suspicious events enabling them to see what is happening and react accordingly.

Controlware integrate Access Control systems from leading vendors into the Cware management platform.  In addition, development is currently taking place to utilise advanced biometric systems to control access, such as palm scanning and facial recognition.  This provides the ability for individuals to gain access to restricted areas or facilities without the need to carry an access card which can be forgotten, lost or stolen.

To find out more about the Cware management platform click here.